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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Healthy Beautiful New Year!!!

Hello Lovelies!
Long time no see, I know, but my new venture in the last year, has occupied much of my time and thought.  Co-Owning my own women's luxury store has been a dream come true!  I am blessed with an amazing partner, Anastasia Cucinella, a wonderful staff and two incredibly talented dressmakers, who make everything fit like couture!

For those of you in the Northeast, I invite you to drop by and visit us at Mary Jane Denzer.  We are conveniently located at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains, N.Y.  and valet parking is validated.  It would be a joy to see you!


Onto my latest beauty find...I have noticed that every inch of my skin feels extremely dry, as we slog through a long patch of unseasonably freezing  cold weather.
I no longer purchase magazines, but I am delighted to peruse them whilst getting my nails done.  Their is a magazine called New Beauty that comes out a few times a year.  It is devoted to all things anti-aging, even though there is a new movement that is anti, anti-aging as a term. 

What ev's... 

There was a small article towards the back on natural options and I took a screen shot of a bottle of Rose Hip Seed Oil, which apparently could cure whatever ails you; dry skin, dull hair, ragged cuticles, sun spots etc...

I immediately put a bottle of Rosehip Oil in my Amazon Prime cart and hoped for the best.  (I have already gone through a 40z bottle in less than a month!)

I love adding a few drops to my facial serum and massaging it deeply into my entire face, concentrating under the eyes.  I also mix it with my body moisturizers.  Before bed, I apply it directly to my face, neck and cuticles.  I also sleep with deep conditioner, the night before I wash my hair, and have added a few drops to that, resulting in even shinier and more manageable air.

Leven Rose Rosehip Oil, was my second Amazon purchase.  I mistakenly thought I ordered a 4 oz. bottle but received 1 oz. instead.  I think it is more refined than my first order and I am glad to see it is available on their own website in a 4 oz. size.

I don't usually gravitate to Mother Nature's beauty offerings, but I am delighted with my new find! Though inexpensive, it makes every serum and cream feel rich and luxe. 

So, I hope this happy find will put me back in your good graces!  

Wishing all my Lovelies a healthy and beautiful New Year ahead...



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