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Monday, January 8, 2018

DivaDebra's 2018 Golden Globes Report Card

The Black Out of 2018

Well, it was an interesting night, no one can deny that.  The politics absolutely trumped the fashion, which was the point, of course...But Lord, it made for a snoozy Red Carpet -just sayin.

The night no longer belonged to the "mani-cam" an embarrassment that will not be missed, though boy, I wish I knew who on earth, they were, "wearing"!!!

It was the night where woman had there say and in tandem and groups the solidarity and message loudly sounded was # Time's Up; sexual harassment and inequality, your days are numbered.


No one said it better than Oprah Winfrey, who brought the house to it's feet with her impassioned and stirring speech as she accepted her Cecil B. DeMille  Lifetime Achievement Award.  She was utterly magnificent!

Additionally, she looked radiantly beautiful! Slim, chic and glowing!  Oprah has never shied from her very public struggle with her weight and it was a delight to see that it's another, very personal fight that she has conquered.

On every level, just WOW!!!

Standing out in a sea of black, is no small feat, and it amazed me how few of the stars and their stylists, managed to do it in a good way...There were over a dozen that I thought were down right AWFUL.

Without further ado- The A List:

The always FLAWLESS Nicole

An exceptional Jessica Chastain

Laura Dern, frequently a train wreck, looking lovely
(though I would have been happier sans zipper)
Goddess Gal Gadot

Lovely Leslie Bibb

The wondrous Alicia Vikkander
wh0 rarely misses on the Red Carpet,
did not disappoint!
The utterly delightful Soarise Ronan

That's all I've got on to the train wrecks.

The F List:

Allison Janney
The Flight of the Phoenix

Issa Rae
Caution:  Highly Flammable

Sister Shailene Woodley

Sarah Jessica Parker
sans castinets

Elizabeth Moss in my least favorite dress of the night.
She can move right on from the Handmaids' Tale
to the Crucible

Connie Britton

Margot Robbie
Words fail...

Halle Berry
Mutton dressed as lamb

Catherine Zeta Jones
Take cover Honey

Ditto Kate Hudson...

And in keeping with tradition, the
perennially, hideously dressed Heidi Klum
For perhaps the millionth time---YOU'RE OUT!!!

So Lovelies, who did you Love and who did you Loathe??? Who did I miss?

Personally, I am all for the women's empowerment movement's continued rise, but please please please, let's remember that we can be strong without clothing defining us.  Looking forward to the Academy technicolor.



  1. As always, spot on! There was one that you missed. I don't know who was wearing it but I said to Doug, "Wow, what a gorgeous dress," to which he replied, "it would look even more beautiful if it were on you."

  2. Thank you Darling! And I just love that comment from Doug!




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