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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cellular Golden Serum

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cellular Golden Serum
$20.99 - ish

I honestly can't remember a colder winter in the Northeast.  Winter is my least favorite season, except for the clothes.  Between the freezing temperatures and being pitch black at 5 pm, I don't have much motivation to anything besides eating beef stew in my pajamas.  Another lament???  My face is falling off...

I told you recently about my discovering of Rose Hip Oil. The obsessions remains unabated.  I have used a serum under my moisturizers for about 9 years now.  One of my favorites is Instanatural Vitamin C Serum , which I have ordered from dozens of times.  With this extreme cold,  however, my face has not been feeling hydrated enough, so I decided to look for a serum with a richer consistency on my last CVS run.

(BTW- kudos to CVS! They have decided that any beauty ads that they shoot will only include photography that has not been retouched.  It's a nod to the women's empowerment movement, to not perpetuate presenting unrealistic beauty standards to its customers. It's bold and interesting and I do think more companies will follow suit.  Good for them!
Anyway, I more or less stumbled upon L'Oreal Age Perfect Cellular Golden Serum.  The packaging was pretty and they were offering $6 dollars in beauty bucks back, so what did I have to lose???

Turns out, I like it quite a bit!  Both the texture and fragrance are pleasant.  It mixes beautifully with my Rose Hip Oil, and since I'm not an enormous fan of oily textures, creates a rich, velvety concoction, that I enjoy massaging on to my face.
Best of all, it has absolutely helped with the awful dryness I have been experiencing.

What about you??? How are you faring with the Winter of 2018?  Do you have any cold weather secrets to share?  I'm all ears--beneath my swaddling...

 Do share!!!


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