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Monday, October 17, 2016

The Science of Color Matching Makeup; Color iQ at Sephora

Marlene, educating me on the science
of Sephora's Color iQ system at Sephora in Greenwich, CT.

I learn quite a bit from friends and readers.  Just last week, my friend Linda Levy told me about her "Color iQ" consultation at Sephora.  It's a brilliant marriage of science and technology and it couldn't be simpler;  Clean skin on your cheek and neck is scanned and imaged.  (It is actually the same technology that is used at hospitals to help match skin tone for burn victims.)  Linda had it done, and was matched, impeccably with the perfect shade of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  

I've known Linda for more years that I care to mention and she never looked better. Her new foundation looked both luminous and flawless and definitely was the right shade for her skin tone.  I couldn't wait to try this for myself. Wouldn't it be great to take all the guess work out of shopping for foundation, lipstick and concealer? 

DivaDebbi trying on lipstick shades in real time after being
'diagnosed', so to speak, as a 5Y08. I could flip through with my finger and see how each shade looked on.

So cool!!!

I had the good fortune of meeting the lovely Marlene Sephora Greenwich's Assistant General Manager.  She's an absolute fan of the system's ability to match, and then recommend specific products by exact shade to try.  Marlene color matched me with Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation as well, and the provided me with a generous sample.

I purchased a new plumping lip gloss from Buxom , in a shade I previously would have imagined being 4 shades too deep, if I was just eyeballing it on my own. Nicely, my Color iQ was both emailed to me and stored in my VIB Beauty Account for future reference.

For any and all of us who have ever been completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available, this is a very smart way to take the guess work and tedium out of cosmetic shopping.

Hopefully they will extend this technology to eye shadow and blush the meanwhile, I know I'll be returning for my 6.5 Luminous Silk Foundation. It wore beautifully all day and felt like a fresh update for Fall.

So thank you my lovely friend, for sharing this fun find with me. Let's just call us even for the 300 phone calls I've fielded from the CVS aisles ;)

That's was friends are for...


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  1. Awasome! Hopefully they will extend this technology to eye shadow and blush too



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