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Monday, October 10, 2016

Styling Hillary

Styling Hilary

I so wish, as a Stylist, that I had the opportunity to dress Hillary Clinton. It's not so far fetched...she lives in Chappaqua N.Y., which is about 15 miles from Richards of Greenwich, where I work as their Personal Shopper.

Mrs. Clinton has a tricky figure. Many women do. Few of us are perfect and even my loveliest of clients have specific figure flaws that recede, as we accentuate the positive...Tromp l'oeil.  Our french counterparts have it down to a science.

Above, is how I would have liked to have seen Mrs. Clinton dressed last night for the debate. The body dictates ALL, and hers would look best with a longer jacket, with a good shoulder, a lapel, a blouse with some softness and interesting details, a slim cut trouser and a good looking pump.

The Nina McLemore suits that Mrs. Clinton favors is not her best silhouette.  I looked on her website and found one that would be better far better for her.  Look how different the same style jacket looks, in a solid vs. a herringbone, sleeves turned up or down and with different underpinnings.  This jacket with a slim pant should be her uniform.

For evening it could be done in a beautiful velvet or silk brocade.

So, If you know anyone who knows anyone, do tell them Diva is available for consultation.  No need to mention I mentioned the "C" word..."Cankles"

We've heard enough derogatory phrases lately to last us for quite some time. The Man in the Red Sweater should win the Noble Peace Prize...He even facilitated a closing handshake. Amazing what showing a little kindness can do...



  1. I really love your posts and respect your opinon. However, I am not sure that I understand why Secretary Clinton would look better in such a long and fitted jacket. If her hips are wider than her shoulders and she is not tall, wouldn't a shorter flared jacket look better? I ask because I think I may have the same "figure flaws."

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Mrs. C. has small shoulders a long torso, and therefore a smaller waist. She needs a jacket with a stronger shoulder and some embellishment in her tops to lift the eye up and help her achieve some balance. Her weight is in her hips and thighs. She needs to cover that part until she reaches the thinnest zone of her upper leg. At that point a pant that appears slim but not skinny is her best bet, doesn't matter what type of waistband, even elastic, if it is hidden under the jacket. She could wear a boot with a heal or an attractive pump to help elongate the look of her legs and create a longer silhouette. A shorter jacket will only draw the eye to her challenge zones and if it ends at the widest part of her hip, particularly bad.


  3. She so needs you - and yes longer jacket!!! Hello! And - you can style her in my house anytime, as you did here! ;-)

  4. It would be my pleasure Q.!
    Would love or you to retweet with your vast vast network!



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