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Monday, January 11, 2016

DivaDebbi's 2016 Golden Globe's Report Card

I am most excited to have been asked by the executive committee of The Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF), to share my DivaDebbi Golden Globes Fashion Report Card on their website.To see the link, please click here.

 Founded by Carina Crain, Colleen deVeer and Wendy Stapleton Reyes, GIFF, now in its second annual year, continues to celebrate gifted artists, "bridging the worlds of film, finance and philanthropy, to make Greenwich, Ct. a film and visual arts epicenter". This years festival, takes place from June 9th-June12th and will focus on human rights issues.The supporting workshops and seminars they feature during the festival and throughout the year, are successfully cultivating a, growing and devoted visual arts community in Greenwich.

On Friday night, GIFF supporters were treated to a preview of Showtime's newest series Billions starring Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis and a panel discussion afterwards with its creators, director and cast members. Another enthralling night executed by GIFF and sponsored locally by Sotheby's Real Estate. Billions premieres January 17th on Showtime. (If you don't subscribe, the entertainment value of this series alone, is worth every nickel, as we have the fun of vicariously watching "Axe", played sublimely by Lewis, purchase a 68 million dollar beach house.)

So without further adieu Lovelies, let's get started...

Ricky Gervais was once again brought back to host the Golden Globes for the fourth time. A bad boy, who sharpened his teeth on the hides of his audience to mixed reviews in the past, I imagined he would be honing his incisors for his encore, just to prove he would not be chastised by Hollywood.  I say, bring back Tina and Amy...whatever his old beef with Mel Gibson was, it was for most of the universe, forgotten. Besides, all the stuff that gets bleeped out is zero fun for the television audience. Whatevs...

Since the Hollywood Foreign Press nominates the films, television shows and actors for the Golden Globes, it is often seen as a precursor for the Academy Awards and Emmy's. This year it just seemed like a rag-tag mix.  I don't think Mad Max Fury Road will be on the Oscar short list, nor Mr. Robot for a Best Drama nod for the Emmy's, though I will admit to not even knowing it existed on the USA network. The Revenant and Leo? Quite possibly...

Rant over, let's get to the good stuff; the clothes

Trends:.The biggest of the night was white, worn beautifully by Taraji P. Henson, Laverne Cox, Alicia Vikkander, Lilly Day and Saoirse Ronan (whose name I practice and still can't pronounce), far less so by Eva Langoria. The other can't miss color was canary yellow, worn by Jennifer Lopez, America Ferraro and Lola Kirke. It's a very tough shade to pull off. Of the three, J. Lo was my favorite, I may have given her extra props for finally covering up a tiresome its been to see so much of her boobs and booty over the years. Red, from lipstick to oxblood was also a favorite. Fantastic jewels graced the neck of  J. Lo., J. Law and Emmy Rossum by Chopard and Martin Katz respectively. I was also mad for the Kimberly McDonald emerald earring worn by Teraji P. Henson...fierce and very Cookie. Ruby lips were a stand out on J. Lo and Eva Green.


Alicia Vikkander
Flawless in a white beaded Louis Vuitton. Demure in front, it showed just the right amount of back to keep it refined. Lovely hair and makeup too

Olivia Wilde in Michael Kors. Impeccable.
This is plunging done well.

Jennifer Lopez
This is my favorite of all her RC appearances.
Resplendent and "modest" per her norm in
Couture Giambatissta Valli. Wowza!

Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney
Loved the 'tude and the Kimberly McDonald emerald earrings.
Congrats Cookie!

Jennifer Lawrence
Ladylike in Dior with an outstanding Chopard diamond collar
Laverene Cox
Wearing Elizabeth Kennedy. Whoever EK is, LC just put her on the map

Lily James in Marchesa
A wee bridey but still oh so pretty

Julianne Moore
Stunning in what looks like liquid sapphires from Tom Ford
Helen Mirren
Simply because she is always flawless and
shows you can be sexy at any age year after year

The B Team: The Almost's

Amy Adams in Atelier Versace. Whoever said red heads should not wear orange had that right...otherwise great. Emmy Rossum in Armani Prive, Gina Rodriguez, pretty in Zac Posen, but a hair MOB for a young beauty. Lady Gaga, once again channeling Sargeant's Madame X, Eva Green in Atelier Elie Saab, Saoirse Ronan lovely in YSL.

The C Team: The Meh's

Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Kate Winslet and Maura Tierney, channeling her inner Librarian.  As a nominee and nicely, a deserving winner, this could really have been her night to shine...head scratching and banal, no???

Maura Tierney

The D team: Too much, too little or ill fitting:

Eva Langoria
One bow or another...

Jane Fonda in YSL's
update for 'Lil Bo Peep

Jennifer Jason Leigh
One size up and a dollop less sleeve

The lovely Leslie Mann
overwhelmed in Mauve Marchesa...a shame.

Malin Ackerman
not feeling the lace, the peplum, the washed ice blue, the too low bodice
or the severe hair

The adorable Brie Larsen in Calvin Klein,
looking herself like a Golden Globe, albeit a female one with sagging tata's.

I literally want to pull this up by its boot strap neckline. So close!
Kirsten Dunst in Valentino
Too much ta for my taste

Cate the Great in Givenchy
Well, she broke my heart and her flawless RC streak.

I was desperately hoping to like it from the back...
Sadly, not.

Kate Hudson in Michael Kors
I'm a huge Kate fan and think she usually kills it on the RC.
Yes, the abs and booty are prime, but a tube top, skirt and scarf 

do not a dress make.

Jamie Alexander
A half a yard more fabric here and there would have
elevated this to an A+. All I could think about here was
the two sided tape

Melissa McCarthy
A perfect silhouette for her marred by flammable looking fabric
Joanna Froggatt

Jada Pinkett Smith,
looking like the lovechild of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

The F Team: Flat Out Failure

Caitrone Balfe
In Jane Jetson's negligee

Heidi Klum
A perennial Red Carpet disaster. Unredeemable on any level

Regina King
It's a bird! It's a plane!

Rooney Mara
In an Alexander McQueen Miracle Mop

So there you have it...Do you agree? Disagree?  Who did I miss?  Who did you loathe?,  Who did you love?

Oh such fun!  See you at the SAG's.


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