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Friday, January 22, 2016

Review: Perricone MD's No Blush Blush

Perricone's No Blush Blush
$35 at Sephora

People think I'm a tough person to buy a gift for...I'm picky, (just ask my husband), and I have a somewhat deserved reputation for changing my mind about purchases.  There is one fool proof, 100% no return or swap gift that I am always thrilled to receive; a gift card to Sephora, which always leaves me giddy with appreciation and anticipation.

This is when I tend to splurge on products that I might otherwise deem as silly too pricey.  I have been curious about Perricone MD's "no makeup makeup" for awhile. Nicely, every product also has a skincare element to it; No Blush Blush for example contains DMAE and 30 SPF.  It is a very simple line with just a handful of products. Single shades "self adjust" to match "every skin tone".  I don't necessarily buy that, but if you are one of the people whose skin it does adjust to perfectly, you could tick one more thing off your bucket list.

Call me lucky.  I might not have won the Powerball, but I have stumbled upon my Holy Grail blush. Wowza! What a beautiful, natural flush No Blush Blush provides. Unlike other liquids and gels I've tried, it's also virtually streak free. To top it off,  the long lasting glow, requires zero touch ups, during the day.

As I was leaving work the other night, my friend Naki commented on my glowing cheeks.  I asked her to snap a picture and I think it's worth a thousand words.

I can't promise it will work with your skin tone as well as it did mine, but I think it's worth sampling at Sephora and trying it at home. I'd love to hear your results, since I am, as I said, skeptical about products that claim to adjust to the wearer. Case in point, Perricone MD's No Lipstick Lipstick, literally did, made me look as if I was wearing no lipstick. It wasn't nearly pigmented enough for my complexion nor did I imagine it was going to magically deepen.

Still and all, this gift of beauty deserves to be shared, and so I did...fingers crossed.


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