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Friday, January 8, 2016

DivaDebbi's 2016 Skin Care Holy Grails

March will mark 8 years, since I wrote my first DivaDebbi blog.  I both purchase an extravagant amount of products and receive them to review by friends I've made over the years in the beauty/PR world.  Regardless of the source, I try always to write honest reviews, that reflect my experiences; good and bad.  

All of the products below have been anointed DivaDebbi Holy Grail status.  What that means is, that after years of trial and error, I have come across a product that has no peer and the search is over It always feels like a huge relief when I can tick one off... Some of have been using for years, others were new discoveries in 2015. In no particular order, here they are:

Philosophy Resurface Microdelivery Dual-Phase Peel ($69)- None better. Simple to use and delivers spectacular results.  I purchased this 3 years ago and try to remember to use it at least twice a month.  You will enjoy many treatments from one system. Insanely good.

Hada Labo Cleanser (11.99)- I stumbled upon this incredible, well priced skincare line from Tokyo, on my first trip to Ulta and have since turned many friends on to it. You will be tempted to hoard it.

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightener($60)-I have not baked in the sun for several years, but every now and then, on a breezy 70 something degree day or on vacation, I will not resist soaking up a few rays. Inevitably, whatever hard work I have put into lightening freckles and age spots is undone.  This product is more effective than prescriptions I have used.  It is always on hand.

Burt's Bee's Radiance Body Lotion ($9)- I'm crazy about this lightweight moisturizer that is infused with Royal Jelly, Aloe and Sunflower Oil. It also had minuscule mica particles that literally, leaves your skin glowing.  The price is sweet too.

Exuviance Age Reverse Toning Neck Cream ($78) This giant tub lasts a good long time. I am crazy about this extremely effective, gel like cream.  It's easily absorbed and is hands down the best neck cream I have found.  I often use it on my face and upper arms. It's jam packed with anti-oxidants and cutting edge anti-aging ingredients. 

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes (6.99) I'm pretty sure I have tried every towelette on the market. Because I'm fussy about my skin care, they are just my first step in removing my makeup, but suffice to say, I'm about 70%  there, including lots of mascara, after using just one towelette.

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water ($6.99) I still haven't quite figured out this stuff works...essentially, the consistency is like tap water, but yet it does clean and tone, boosts hydration and expertly removes makeup gaffes without disturbing the rest of your makeup.  It took 3 years, but it's now officially part of my nightly repertoire. (P.S., quite liking Garnier's new version, intended for waterproof eye makeup too.)

My Shower Duo:  L'Occitane Huille de Douche Cleansing Shower Oil ($25) and Swedish Sea Salt Soap $7.99) 

Instanatural Vitamin C Serum (14.99) An amazing Amazon find. Dozens of disappointing serums had me searching me for something similar to Skinceutical's Ferulic Acid Serum, in feel and efficacy but with a much softer punch at check out. I found it in this wonderful serum. I wish they made it in a larger bottle. Thank goodness I have an Amazon Prime membership and it ships free...I'm on my fourth bottle.  A total winner.

Vichy Liftactive Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes ($36) When it finally sunk in, that my eyes will never be happy as long as I was using eyelash growing serum, I luckily stumbled across a blog written by my friend Jane Daly. After several months of use, Jane was even able to retire her mascara and she also liked the lightening and brightening effect she saw under her eyes.  Good'nuff for me.  I was able to purchase this at CVS.  It's a little gem that I use twice daily, one pump for both eyes(and a last swipe across the brows) It's not quite the oomph of a lash serum, but my lashes are long, strong and healthy. Good'nuff indeed...


Trophy Skin MicrodermMD ($300)- Yes. It's expensive...however, the results you will achieve are worth every nickle.  I try hard to remember to use this weekly on my face and on areas of my body that have fine wrinkles, age spots or freckles I wish to address.  At the low end, 3 professional Microdermabrasion treatments could easily cost $300. It's simple to operate and comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. This is a game changer.

**** MicrodermMD now makes a poratable, $199 kit that is every bit as good and comes with an additional head made specifically for the body. Effective and now a bargain. Go.

Jenu Ultrasonic Infuser System I first learned about Jenu's Ultrasonic Infuser System when it was included in Vogue's Best of Beauty for 2015 breakthroughs. Suffice to say that if the likes of Vogue's beauty editors who buy nothing and try everything found it to be groundbreaking, I needed to see what all the hype was about.

I won't bore you with the science, but I can tell you that for 5 painless minutes everyday, I supercharge my serum and night cream. What can you expect to see before deciding if you are returning it at the 30 day mark of your money back guarantee? Brighter, smoother skin, fewer freckles and sunspots and improvement in fine lines. An absolute keeper.  Do read my whole review and to take advantage of the special offer they provided for DivaDebbi readers, click here.

Clarisonic Mia ($109)- I wish I could say I have continued using this every night since I purchased it 5 years ago...I can't. What I do know is that when I use it consistently, my skin is not only scrupulously clean, but visibly glowing.  I prefer the head made for sensitive skin, though I don't claim to have it.  It's a great product.  Using it again would have been a fabulous resolution.

So there you have it Lovelies. My absolute must haves, for at home care.  For those who live in the NY tri-state area, the following fantastic skin gurus will help you achieve your goals, so you can look your absolute best. I wholeheartedly recommend them with complete love and confidence:

Julie Pipilo-Owner and Proprietor of Skin NY 914-213-5724

Lisa Topham RN BSN and Director of  Split Rock Aesthetic Institute 203-831-8029

Dr. Maura Reinblatt- NY Group for Plastic Surgery 914 366 6139

Despite all my insanity, I really believe the truest beauty radiates from the inside out. What brings it to fore? KIndness, thoughtfulness, good manners, being able to laugh at yourself, forgiveness, appreciativeness and a warm smile, even for a stranger. Here's to a fabulous 2016....


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