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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Review: No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner

No Bleeding Lips Lip LIner
$15 at Sephora

I can't tell you how many times I've fallen prey to Sephora's most clever marketing trap...The checkout line is a double aisle, bedecked with mini products at irresistible price points.

I've always been curious whether or not those clear lip liner pencils were truly effective in keeping lip liners and lipstick from running amok...commonly known as, "feathering" or "bleeding"

When I spotted No More Bleeding Lips, I popped it into my basket without a second thought. After all, Sephora graciously accepts returns, so I always feel I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I applied No Bleeding Lips, a clear  lip pencil on the outer rim of my natural lip line and let a few minutes pass before using my Holy Grail lip liner, MAC's Soar beneath and above it. No Bleeding Lips  also purports to temporarily fill in vertical lip lines, while keeping lipstick in place for 5 hours.

I think it works wonderfully well.  My lips not only looked fuller and my lipstick perfectly applied, but it did stay put for several hours, with no touch ups. I checked the Sephora reviews to see what others thought. Comments were two pronged; flat out love to disappointment, less so for performance than the fact that there is apparently not a lot of product in the retractable pencil, making the $15 price tag seem inflated.

For me, it's a keeper...for now anyway.  But so of course, is the receipt.


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