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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Bobbi Brown Italian Rose Creamy Lip Color; The Search is OVER

Bobbi Brown's Italian Rose Creamy Lip Color
For as long as I can remember, I have purchased a new lipstick nearly every week. Sometimes they're class, sometimes they're mass...but it has all occurred expressively with one goal in mind; to find my HOLY GRAIL lipstick.

It has eluded me until now.  That's more years and more tubes than I care to tally. It required 4 separate shopping trips to find my new love, Bobbi Brown Italian Rose Lip Color.  My usual haunts, Sephora, Saks in Greenwich and Blue Mercury in Rye, were all sold out.  If Bloomingdale's was also going to disappoint me, I swear, the tester might 'accidentally' have ended up in my handbag.

So what is my idea of the "perfect lipstick"???
It's a tall order; it needs to be creamy, with almost a lip balm consistency. It needs to be comfortable.  Matte, taut and dry make me feel like the Tin thanks.  It needs to be at least somewhat long lasting--I'm a Girl on the Go and I don't have time to constantly reapply my lipstick. And here is the trickiest tenet of all; it needs to look natural.  Enough depth so I don't look washed out, but soft enough to make me not look like a harlot, since I tend to do a strong eye, even by day.

I have purchased, but never loved Bobbi's lipsticks many times over the years.  I'm not sure when her "Creamy Lip Colors" first debuted,  but I suspect I've been missing the boat for a long time.  In her website 530 reviewers gave them 4.7 out of 5 stars...can I give it 6?

Infused with Shea butter and plant derived conditioners, Creamy Lip Color can even stand alone without gloss.  Look how dewy my lips look above. (In fairness my lips are also lightly lined in my HOLY GRAIL lip pencil, MAC's Soar. I recently found 5 Soar stubs in my desk drawer. What I'm saving them for, I cannot venture to tell you, but they are still there...It's perfect and this too, took decades to find.)

So, with 13 shades, and Blue Raspberry as my first runner up, I know you will find the Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color that is just right for you too.

And you are very welcome...




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