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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Altuzarra Spring 2015

Altuzarra Spring 2015

Joseph Altuzarra's show was one of my absolute faves of the Spring 2015 Fashion Week. Some how he managed to make every look both demure and sexy and as always, thoroughly modern.


To see the show in it's entirety, click on this link to 

Fans of Altuzarra are waiting with bated breath for his 48 piece collection for Target and Net-a-Porter to become available on Sunday September 14th.  Incredibly, every piece will be priced under $100!  That's about what a zipper might cost on one of the skirts in his regular ready-to-wear collection.

Nothing gets me up early on a Sunday morning unless it's a car service en route to an airport. For Altuzarra, I'll make an exception...

xox,   P.S.  I received some spectacular news from Linda Mitchell, one of
DD            our buyers today...Richards will be carrying Altuzarra for
                  Spring in Greenwich and at our Wilkes Bashford store in San

                  Answered Prayers!!!


  1. Lovely look I will check out his collection.

  2. Snagged an Altuzarra top from the Target collection online. I hope the quality of the design holds up in this cheaper line. Thanks.

  3. I hope so too Maryl!
    I decided to check it out in the much of scoring a good cheat depends on the feel of the fabric!




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