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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit Erase Paste
3 shades $26

Usually, any seasonal change is a perfect excuse for me to refresh my cosmetics stash. The odd thing is, that the last two weeks in NY are finally feeling like the summers we are long accustomed to; high humidity, 90 degree temps and late day thunderstorms.  Still,  I'm nothing if not a creature of habit and the calendar does, after all say September.

Sephora beckoned...

I have stayed loyal to two concealers; Tarte Maracula Creaseless Concealer and Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. These days, concealers are so highly pigmented, that a little goes a very long way.  I might not finish either of these tubes for another two years, but really, who wants to use a product that's as old as a full blown toddler?

I couldn't resist sampling Benefit's Erase Paste at Sephora today, simply  because they made choosing a shade so simple; Light, Medium, Dark.  What a concept! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the shear volume of shade choices.

I opted for the Medium, since I wanted to avoid the dreaded raccoon eye look that a too light concealer can produce.  Erase Paste was created to brighten as well as conceal.  All three shades have an apricot tinge, that may not be right for all skin types.  It is very dense and creamy. One only needs a minuscule amount to get maximum coverage.  I can imagine having this pot for a decade or more.  

I like the instructions for application and tried the second steps, which suggests using it to blur "marionette lines" and brighten the face.  Nicely, I did see a difference and had never thought of using concealer in this manner.

The true test of any product is better gauged on freshly washed and prepped skin, so tomorrow morning may tell another story. Still, I think I may be like one of the more than 4000 Sephora reviewers who think Erase Paste is all that.

If not, I will be sure to let you know...

xox,    P.S. Ruh roh.  In the light of day, I found Medium Erase Paste to be
DD             very dark for my complexion. I also found my fresh, unused 
                  pot, to be a far thicker than I like. Perhaps the Light would be
                  a better shade, it would still pale next to my Amazing
                  Concealer. And back it goes...

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