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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dior and I at the Newport Film Festival

Two weeks ago, we were in Newport R.I.  I just love it there.  As someone who has had a lifelong attachment to the Hamptons, this picturesque, historic community, has me completely charmed.

Imagined how tickled I was to find out that Frederic Tcheng's latest documentary, Dior and I, was going to be screened outdoors at Doris Duke's famed "cottage" Rough Point.  This is my idea of a perfect night.

Who knew, that as an additional visual feast, the NewportFilm was hosting a, "Chicest Picnic" contest!  I was sure that someone would be snapping better photos than me and that I would be able to Google them later...I'm sure they are living large on someone's Instagram feed. 

You will just have to trust me, that these Peeps went all out, lugging antiques, votives, spectacular flower arrangements, vintage bicycles and linens, enormous velvet tufts, china, porcelain vases, decanters and gorgeous pates and charcuterie.

Some were dressed femininely, no doubt with Dior' as inspiration...

"Chicest Picnic" contest Newport Film Festival

It was a delight!

The film is a documentary of the extraordinary 8 week period that designer 
created his first couture collection for the House of Dior, in the wake of disgraced designer John Galliano's firing.

Normally, a couture show takes several months to produce. The chief designer sketches their designs.  In Simons case the work is all done on computers.  Their vision, and designs are then entrusted to a team of  masters to painstakingly sew.  From there fittings are done and re done. Later, the designer will partner with stylists,  hair and makeup artists, and runway producers to a fully integrated show to encompass their vision.

The pressure of creating a couture show in just two months, illuminated the arc of tension Raf, his assistants and all of the workroom were under, as the eyes of the fashion world waited to judge the results.

As with a prior film,  Valentino: The Last Emperor, a spectacular documentary that Frederic Tcheng was also involved with, one of the most engaging aspects is watching the incredible talent of the atelier workers. Their pride and dedication is evident in every frame.  It is an absolute joy to see.

As with any designer who takes over a major couture house, whose aesthetic is clearly defined by its namesake, straddling the delicate line between homage and originality is tricky business indeed.

For his first couture show, in the Spring of 2013, Simons managed to capture some of Mr. Dior's signature elements; defined waists, rounded hips, defined shoulders, floral prints and delicate embroidery, and make them look fresh and uniquely his own.

No easy feat...

The walls of the space the show took place in, bloomed with hundreds of thousands of spring flowers, in all colors, Simon's nod to Jeff Koons "Love Puppy" topiary creations. The front row was dotted with Simons designer friends, Marc Jacobs, Alber Elbaz, Donatella Versace and the late L'Wren Scott, as well as Dior muses Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Marion Cottilard.  Most important of all was Vogue Editor-in Chief and Simons champion for the job, Anna Wintour.

The collection was a tour de force, lauded for its respect for, "the house", and its beauty and originality. The film also played to a wildly appreciative audience in Newport.

Raf Simons first Couture show for the House of Dior 

The extraordinary atelier artists who delivered Raf Simons first collection

Dior and I, debuted this Spring, at the Tribeca Film Festival.  You may not have the opportunity to see it under the quite magical circumstances we did, but if you love the art of fashion, it doesn't matter where you see it, only that you do...


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