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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Melting Months ...again

Buxom Tryst $24 at Sephora

In the beginning of the summer, I decided to do the unthinkable...give up bronzing powder.  My plan was to fake my tan with a combination of Garnier's Beauty Balm and a touch of foundation in a deeper skin tone, no doubt meant for a non-Caucasian.

I was tired of how dry my skin looked with bronzing powder and particularly frustrated with the sparkle factor.  Why is it that those little buggers have a particular affinity for finding their way straight into any facial nooks and crannies???  Frustratingly, they are uber present in most bronzers, albeit prestige or mass brands.

Yesterday I posted a TotalBeauty "beauty bubble" (articles that are customized to the interests of the Beauty Blogger's they publish,) about "best" and "worst" bronzers.  The timing was favorable.

As the humidity has kicked in and the mercury is rising to 90 on most days, my makeup is melting leaving my looking pale and peaked. I knew it was time to reconsider bronzing powder and armed with a number of raves, I went to Sephora to check them out...

I am a Benefit fan of long standing, so my first stop was to look at Hoola a matte powder that always wins raves and in pictures looked picture perfect.

Sadly, in person it is more of a puce shade.  Tarte's Bronzer looked like a good bet, but it is no longer carried in Greenwich.  Too Faced, Smash Box and the oft touted Guerlain bronzers, all twinkled.

I stumbled upon what I thought was a bronzer by Buxom, but turned out to be a blush from their new True Hue Blush Collection.  What looked and tested like a Brazilian tan under their lights, looked more like the color of an eraser on a number 2 pencil in my bathroom this morning.

Ruh roh.  Did I take the wrong color home?

I took out an underused, as of late, fluffy bronzer brush, and lightly swept it across my forehead, cheeks, chin and the bridge of my nose. Nope.  It was working for me and looked particularly natural, gently swept over my Pixi  All Over Magic Rose Radiance blush.

Here is how it is described:

Sweep on this silky, sheer ultra-buildable blush for the color of your dreams. True Hue Blush contains rhodiola, an arctic plant root that makes cheeks appear refreshed, allowing them to come alive with color. Whether you're looking for a luminous flush or a pop of vibrance, this buildable, featherweight formula allows you to create your True Hue. Sweep it on and get swept away.

The color stayed fresh and true all day and there is not a speck of sparkle...Hallelujah.  

My recommendation is not to distrust reviewer's raves, but to go see, and try them for yourself.  There is simply no way to truly judge shades you have never used from a website photo.  It all boils down to the one that works with your skin tone.

Happy hunting...


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