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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost and Found: Laura Mercier Pink Tulle Lip Glace

Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Pink Tulle
I got what I thought was the most fabulous Holiday present this year...Laura Mercier produced a Holiday Gift Set of mini Lip Glaces. Within this kit, I found my HOLY GRAIL shade, "Pink Tulle".  

Pink Tulle is the perfect blend of nude, peach and rose.  Light enough to highlight any lipstick I may have under it, dark enough to stand alone.  I loved it so much, I included it in my Best of Beauty 2011 for the Face round-up (

On Sunday, I eeked out my very last swipe and headed over to Sephora to replace it...or so I thought.

It had not occured to me that this gorgeous neutral was not part of a permanent Laura Mercier Lip Glace collection.  Quelle horreur!!! Not only is Pink Tulle not part of the collection, nothing even comes close to resembling it.

Sparing just a dot of what was left in my tube, I then proceeded to swatch my way through: Givenchy, Dior, Benefit, Stila, Lancome, Clinique, Too Faced, Kat Von Die, Korres, Josie Moran, Buxom, Bare Escentuals, Lorac, Nars, Makeup Forever and Sephora's lip gloss brands.

I then enlisted the assistance of one of Sephora's Beauty Advisors.  I know she thought I was daft, but after 10 minutes of swatching, she too agreed I was chasing a phantom.

This happened to me once before with a Maybelline long wearing, plumping lipstick in "Petal Pink".  Not only was the color discontinued, but this spectacular hybrid was inexplicably shelved entirely.

I tracked down  the last 3 on the planet on Ebay.  They were sent from Hong Kong.  Having also turn my friend Ilissa into a co-dependent, I naturally had to gift her one of the three...

And poof--they were gone.

Faced with the same quandary, I checked both EBay and Amazon and found a small cache still available worldwide. Panicked, the hoarder in my contemplated buying all of them. I took a few deep breaths until my cooler head prevailed and bought one via an amazon seller. It will arrive in a few days...thankfully.

I realized that the one place I had not checked was the Laura Mercier website.  Was it possible that I had overlooked the obvious?  Might older shades live on gracefully instead of moving to Hong Kong?

In a word?  Yes.  I don't know if this will always be the case, but for now, my beloved Pink Tulle Lip Glace still has a home. Hooray!

The real question in, what I have written this post at all if I hadn't found out that Pink Tulle is still readily available???

I'd like to think so...


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