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Thursday, July 26, 2012

John Frieda's Sleek Finish Brushes: Battling the bulge and winning

New John Frieda Sleek FINISH
Paddle Brush $12.99

Let's face it, when it comes to frizz, we have tip our 'fros to the master, John Frieda.  JF is, in my mind, the first hair care professional, who has made the battle of banishing frizz a life calling...Amen and God Bless. 

For someone like me, who has teetered on the edge of doing some sort of keratin straightening treatment every summer, my John Frieda products have kept me on the relative straight and narrow, without the expense and Haz Mat suit that thermal straightening requires these days.
I recently reviewed John Frieda's new Frizz Ease Hair Setter  and I am quite taken with how glossy and professionally tended my hair looks after using them. (  As well, despite close to a dozen frizz fighters fighting for space under my sink, the one I go to everytime is John Frieda's 3-Day Straight.  I also stash a John Frieda Full Repair Flyaway Tamer in my makeup case and desk drawer.
Yesthis is war.

You know I love when my beauty stars align--after leaving my favorite round brush in the Hampton's this weekend, I received an email asking if I would like to try John Frieda's new line of Sleek Finish Brushes, that are designed to fight frizz and flyaway's with silicone bristles (that will last the life of the brush) and tourmaline-100% crushed gemstones, that release natural IONS for intense shine.                   
Um...sure!!!  And Fed Ex would be dreamy.
They arrived yesterday and I was thrilled to throw out a paddle brush (that I realized was about to celebrate an 18th Birthday) and replace the volumizing round brush I left behind.  Even better, was how these brushes made my hair look and feel.

It was extremely humid today. I couldn't possibly call it a "good hair day", but I've definitely had worse.  I definitely think my hair looked better then it would have and I am looking forward to seeing my results after shampooing.

All and all, another winner from John Frieda to add to my anti-frizz arsenal.

En garde frizz!  You have met your match...


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