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Thursday, July 19, 2012

GLO Brilliant Review: Day 4 the Finale

GLO Brilliant Personal Whitening Device
invented by Dr. Jonathan Levine

On Wednesday night, I completed my 4 days of GLO Brilliant whitening, which included 16, 8 minute sessions.  It was easy, painless and worth it.  I can see significant whitening and I am looking forward to maintaining my results with one weekly 8 minute session.

Do I think GLO Brilliant is worth the $275 investment?  Absolutely YES!!!  It pays for itself!

Over the years I have paid to have two sets of at home whitening trays made for me, and have purchased at least 8 vials of whitening gel at $70 a pop. The trays do deteriorate and need to be replaced.  The well crafted mouth piece in my GLO Brilliant system will never wear out.

Best of all, I experienced none of the mind numbing, painful tooth sensitivity that is a common side effect, not only with at home whitening kits, but with OTC dental strips.

My initial before pictures were taken in my bathroom, which apparently has awful lighting!  I will show you Before and After's taken there, plus in better light, under a natural skylight:

GLO Brilliant BEFORE

GLO Brilliant AFTER- Finale Daylight

I couldn't be more pleased.  I honestly don't think the pictures capture how much whiter my truth truly are.

 If you think about how much money you spend on any single item of clothing, that you may wear, maybe once a month, it is money out the window, compared to a prettier smile that you get to wear everyday.

This is pure Diva common sense, and the reason I just ordered a Super Solano blow dryer.  If my hair looks better after drying it at the gym, it's time to invest in a better dryer that will help me look my best each day at home.

There is really anyone on the planet who would look to me for money saving tips, but when it comes to beauty, I think I have figured out a thing or two along the way,  and I love to share them with you.


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