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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GLO Brilliant Review: Results Day 3

GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening System
Invented by Dr. Jonathan Levine
Tuesday night was the annual Richard/Mitchells/ Marshes picnic on Campo Beach in Westport.  Every year, the Mitchell family grills hundreds of lobster tails, big as Blahnik"s and dripping in lime butter, paired with filet mignon, and serves it to their employees and families.

Every year, they astound me.

 I have worked for 3 family businesses and 3 major corporations in my retail career.  I can say unequivocally, that there is no finer place to work and as the Personal Shopper for the last 11 years have been the happiest of my career.

Afterwards, I met friends for cocktails, so by the time I got home, it was on the late side. I was committed to following through with my 3rd day of using the GLO Brilliant Personal Whitening Device, as directed,  so I geared up, to complete my 4 eight minute whitening sessions.

The first two went without a hitch, (particularly since I now know it is perfectly safe to swallow) and multi-tasked by preparing lunch for the next day for my son.

When it was time for round 3, I realized I was no longer glowing about a minute in. This could only mean one system needed to be recharged, so I packed it in for the night, plugged in my charger and regrouped this morning.
I couldn't be certain, but I now know, that a 16 minute gap between waking up and drinking my first sip of coffee, will not kill me.  The thought did cross my mind, that I might want to adopt Sarah Jessica Parker's habit, (who may or may not be Dr. Jonathan Levine's patient ;)) and start sipping all coffee products threw a straw.  Why, after all, undo all the effort?

Mission accomplished, I went through the rest of my pre-work routine and snapped my After picture before I left and another at work, apparently, in better light than my bathroom:

Before GLO Brilliant

After GLO Brilliant Day 1

After GLO Brilliant Day 2

After GLO Brilliant Day 3

After GLO Brilliant Day 3 DAYLIGHT

Suffice to say, I may never go in my bathroom again...but more importantly, my whitening is working!


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