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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bottom Line - Do We NEED A Bottom Lash Mascara???

My sister Loren asked me the other day what I thought about Clinique's new mascara created specifically for lower lashes.  "Ridiculous", I snapped back.  "Well, I think they are going to sell a million tubes of mascara", she retorted.   Try a 1,000,001...I was in Sephora yesterday and caved.  Who knew it was going to be so darn cute???  At $10.00, it's practically a freebie.

I haven't really worked my bottom lashes since the Maybelline Great Lash days of my youth.   Most experts don't advise more than just one light coat, to keep things from looking Tammy Faye Bakerish..  I am still using two mascara's and contemplated purchasing Cliniques Primer Coat today, but fortunately, mustered resistance. I am truly liking L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara, much more than I thought I did.  It presents full, clean, thick lashes that never flake or smudge.  It's a winner.  For additional oomph, I still like using L'Oreal's Telescopic Explosionwith the ball applicator that resembles a weed whacker, to pull every lash to maximum length and find the hidden ones in the nooks and crannies. I was so excited to try Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara last night, that I seriously contemplated removing my eye makeup and reapplying it right then and there.  Fortunately, I mustered resistance till this morning...

Oh-Tay,  so what was the verdict?  Well, the entire applicator is the length of my middle finger and the brush itself is minuscule...why did I have to have this again?  I did one eye with the Voluminous Million and on top and then the Clinique Bottom Lashes.  I also used the Clinique Bottom Lashes to  lengthen the tops and seek out hidden lashes, which it does effectively.  The other eye, I used Voluminous Million only, top and bottom. Here is a pic of how they came out:

Can you tell the difference???  Me either.... My right eye (left pictured) is the one I used the Clinique Lash Bottoms on. Using such a small brush on my lower lashes was more time consuming.  It was effective for bringing out smaller lashes from the inner and outer corner.  That's about it folks.

My sister had it right on two counts, it is a very clever marketing ploy and Clinique will sell a ton of mascara from their newly created niche market.  Her other point?  It will quickly be copied for the mass market and available for half the price at your local drugstore. 

I should have waited...

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  1. I am so glad you are addressing this. I ponder every day, as I'm putting on the morning makeup, whether to do the bottom lashes or not. I've heard the same, that they are not really supposed to be done, at least not a lot. However, my eyelashes are not only blond, but with aging, they are much thinner than they used to be. If I don't put a little mascara down there, I look 'naked'. But, I agree, you have to be really careful.

    On a related note, I had eyelash extensions put on about a year ago (of course, they've fallen out by now, they only last about 6-8 weeks). And, they did not put any on the bottom lashes at all. I kind of wished they would have, but I guess that's a no-no. They're the professionals.


  2. Hi Allie!
    I think we do need some mascara on our bottom lashes to define and balance the eye.

    I do like to use one light coat on my bottom lashes. I sweep across the lash line horizontally and then go back and kind of blot it on with the side of the brush. I am more interested in volume than length (which I could create but I think would look dated and aging).

    My real question was do we need to go out and buy a separate mascara for this purpose? In my opinion after buying and trying? Absolutely not!

    Thanks for commenting!




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