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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spring Ahead

I realized as I was busy making plans with my friend Linda Levy to attend the Fall 2011 Fashion Shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, that I best do a Spring 2011 Trend Report before I start reporting on Fall! 

I scoured the collections to find an iconic look that represented multiple trends in just one look. The spectacular Pucci gown above incorporates 4 major trends that were found all over the Spring runways: Brilliant Color, (which we have already seen all over the Red Carpet),  Seventies Influences, an abundance of Prints and generous use of Sheer, floaty fabrics.  As we slog our way through yet another winter storm, reviewing all these divine pictures today renewed my hopes that one day, very soon,  the sun will shine, our lawns will be green and our boot clad toes, will once again, be exposed. 

Brilliant Color- Dozens of designers ignited the runways with bold color either as single statement pieces, or in prints or mixed boldy as separates. It felt like everyone chose their favorite Crayons from the Jumbo 64 Pack and went to town. It created an energy and excitement as well as a reason to buy something new. Look for sunset orange, saffron yellow, bright pink, sky blue, bright emerald, kiwi and magenta. If it scares you, you can always tone it down by pairing it back to black.

                                                                     Prabul Garung

Max Mara
Prints- Of every spot, dot, zig, zag, or floral you could imagine. Some were bright, some were shown more graphically, in either brown or black back to white. Fabrics were sometimes floaty, like the beautiful muted, chiffon floral gowns shown by Alberta Ferretti and Roberto Cavalli, or sporty in slightly more constructed daytimes looks, like this perfectly conceived and accessorized look from Diane Von Furstenberg:


Lace-  Traditionally used  for evening gowns and cocktail wear, looked new when treated as an embellishment on chiffon but freshest when designers found ways to incorporate into daytime looks.  I am mad for this Alberta Ferretti look:

Alberta Ferretti
Sheer White- Those who chose white as an antidote to the maze of color often did so in sheer, gauzy fabrics, where it looked relaxed and ethereal.  It was also a good place to experiment with breezy longer skirts and cocktail dresses.  Some of my favorite looks were from the pitch perfect 15 piece colletion shown by the Olsen twins for their collection The Row and this stunner my one of my faves, the genius Gilles Mendel for J. Mendel (very Black Swan):
                     J. Mendel
The Row

That Seventies Show-  There was much homage to the master of Seventies chic, Yves St. Laurent as evidenced by the bold mix of colors, peasant girl looks, lace up details and mid calf skirts. This Etro ensemble is uncharacteristic of the house; it's solid and the hues are muted.  Nevertheless, I think it captures the mood well:

Pantsuits- For those of you whose idea of getting a leg up on fashion doesn't revolve around showing them, the newest pants and pant "suits" were deeply relaxed, fluid and sometimes gasp pleated.  I liked the way Michael Kors showed them.  The word that came to mind???  Effortless.

Phew!  I done done it!  Now I can forge ahead, with a clear head to focus on Fall 2011.  My head maybe already looking forward, but believe me, my body can't wait to thaw out and start shopping for the Spring ahead...Whose with me???



  1. One trend I'm noticing is blue, blue, blue! I think everyone is looking forward to spring... you're not alone.

    Katie for Ouidad

  2. You are right Katie!
    All shades of blue, which is lovely...everyone can find something that flatters. I also love it mixed with white.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Terrific round up. Can't wait!! Are we actually going to have a spring this year? Feels like it's a distant dream. Just wanted to add that the other trend I noticed at the shows was white - lots and lots of white, which can of course be mixed with all wonderful colors that came down the runway. I also especially loved the relaxed feel of the Michael Kors show (you showed perfect example) - love the new unstructured flowy feel with all the sandals.

  4. Thanks so much Q! You know how much I value your eye! I thought I did include white as a trend...had to go back and reread to make sure.
    Yup! Sheer White was in their and it did make for the perfect foil for all those mucho caliente brights. My faves were the looks shown by the Olsen Twins for The Row. Puuurrrrrfection!



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