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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tarte Art

Essentially, I have been doing some variation of the same "eye" forever...liner, top and bottom, light shadow on the lid, dark shadow in the crease, highlighter and mascara. The only variation is the thousands of products that have make up my makeup. What about you???

Last week, my friend Angela said, "your eyes look amazing today". "Really"??? I had to think if I had done anything differently and realized I had indeed tried something new...MAC Liquid Last Liner.

How could I forget??? I had just spent 20 minutes putting it on (and trying to correct the mistakes without removing everything else) that same morning. Despite the divinely skinny brush that appeared manageable, when it comes to liquid liner, I am still a klutz. When the formula is as indelible, as Liquid Last is, you are begging for trouble, unless you are a female Neurosurgeon, (or Angela, who inherited the handiness chromosome) Yes Ang-- you can have it.

Still, I did love the effect... cleanly defined eyes, with a surprisingly lightly made up look.

Off to Sephora in search of my Holy Grail: A super skinny gel pencil, that would deliver a lot of long lasting pigment delicately and something I could master, without a trail of Q-tips.

How I love the concept of Sephora!!! Knowledgeable help if you need it, freedom to browse, try and play without scorn, if you don't...

One hour later, I emerged victorious!!! Tarte's EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil. This is my first ever Tarte purchase and I like the idea that their products use natural "skinvigorating" ingredients, are cruelty free and quite affordably priced.

Could I resist picking up Lights Camera Lashes, their "clinically proven" natural mascara, with a promised lash volume increase of 424%??? Don't be silly!!!

Will I report back on the mascara??? Of course...don't be silly!!!


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