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Monday, January 4, 2010

Shedding Some Light (and Skin) on D.I.Y. Peels

When someone crosses my path, with extraordinary skin, I will stop them in their tracks to inquire how it got that way. I generally do my level best to keep it socially waiting until intermission or for the house lights to come up.

One of my clients visited last month and brought a friend with her. Ohhhhhh...your here for me to outfit you for a party??? Gee, that is just going to have to wait until I interview your plus one. Sorry!!!

Please...tell me right now and don't hold back. WHAT are you using to achieve your flawless skin? "K" was a former beauty executive and a girl in the know, with a great look and impeccable taste. She shared with me that she used to spend a fortune getting professional peels at her dermatologists office, until she discovered an online resource called Platinum Peels. She was able to DIY, easily in the privacy of her own home and was saving a ton of money while achieving stellar results. Love that!

Later I checked out their website and saw that they have a number of different types of peels: salicylic, lactic and glycolic---what to do??? They promised excellent customer service to answer all your questions and guide you to your perfect peel. I sent off an email with my skin history and of course, mentioned that I am a Beauty Blogger who is published by TotalBeauty and Glam Media. I was thinking that the week after Christmas, when I am home, would be the perfect time to be unsightly, if I flaked and shed like a boa constrictor. Unfortunately, despite the Blogger grease, I heard nary a word.

Undeterred, I did a little on line research and discovered Terasita promised the highest quality products at the lowest prices available. Yes!!! You have my attention. Thinking I still might be able to squeak in my shed, I emailed them and hoped for the best.

That night, I received a lengthy email from Terasita's President, Alisa Dickson, answering all of my questions. We agreed that based on my longtime use of Retin A, my nightly use of glycolic pads and my Mediterranean background, that I could start off with a 50% Glycolic peel. Because each kit comes with a neutralizer, I could always customize it to a lower per cent if I felt it was too strong. Alisa does recommend a tolerance patch test on your lower face, and provides you with detailed pre and post peel instructions.

I had no issues with my patch test, so I proceeded to do my face and decollete. I left it on for a conservative 2 minutes (exceeding 4 is not recommended), experiencing some normal, minor tingling. I then rinsed with lots of cool water and applied the neutralizer. Peels require 6 weekly applications and then some tapering follow up, to achieve maximum results like "K"s. I was pleased after just one use and I can't wait to see how my skin will look with continued use.

The cost of this peel, is a mere $25.99 and will last for 20 applications!!!. It was immaculately packaged in sterile, sealed bottles, with easy to follow instructions. also offers a full line of skin care products.

Alisa and I exchanged many friendly emails and bonded over our experiences as breast cancer survivors. Alisa is only 34 years old, so I put her in touch with Lindsay Avner, who founded an online support group for younger breast cancer survivors and women at high risk, called BeBrightPink. I am certain they will brainstorm a way to work together. Alisa recently bought this company after years of being a loyal customer! I love her passion and I love her products!

Here's wishing Alisa, "K" and all my readers much good health and success in the New Year ahead.



  1. Do the peels work for all age groups and skintypes?

  2. I think it would be best to email them with your particulars as I did, for their recommendations. Someone who has never done a peel might want to start off with a 30% Glycolic peel and add two drops of neutralizer, which would bring it down to a 10% peel, do a patch test and maybe start with 60 seconds before rinsing. They would be the best advisors. 50% sounded strong to me even though I am a 'mo is better kind of girl! I was prepared to weaken it a bit, but I felt comfortable after my patch test that I could tolerate it.

    Good luck! Please let me know if you try one and tell Alisa you heard about Terasita from DD!

  3. Thank you! I love the detailed info and especially the link to an online source for peels. A big find for me.

    From your newest follower....

  4. You are so welcome!
    With an arsenol of stuff, I still love and use this peel every Sunday. It is quite amazing. Don't forget to use it exactly as directed!

    Happy you are following me. Love my readers!



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