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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Naturals by Lauren Hutton- Come Fly with Me

I have watched Lauren Hutton, many times, promoting her natural look makeup kit, the Face Disc, for ages. I am apparently, not alone, since nearly 1,000,000 did more than watch...they pulled the 800 number trigger and purchased it.

I remember Lauren Hutton, as a gap toothed cover girl, with an imperfect nose and an unusual speech inflection...She was imperfectly perfect, which some how, made it A.O.K., if your parents gene pool did not produce Christie Brinkley.

For someone whose mantra has always been to enhance your own natural beauty, it seems natural, that she would take the leap, creating a new Face Disc, called Naturals by Lauren Hutton, that took the artifice out of the formulas. In: Grape Seed Oil, Green Tea, Vitamins, Bamboo and Avocado Oil. Out: Synthetic Preservatives, Fragrances and Dyes and Sulfates. Good enough to eat.

Soooo...what's inside the Face Disc??? For starters, for someone who is forced to check her cosmetics carry-on, due to weight restrictions, the thought of one, flat, light weight, multi-tasking compact, left me breathless.

I opened it and simply stared---makeup hues from mint to ochre, 5 concealers, 4 of them for "spots" a cement colored eyebrow filler, a "nose" and "eye pooch" shader, a contour shadow to define cheekbones and hide your "wardle", (you say wardle and I say waddle, you say to-may-toe and I say to-mah-toe), plus an oak toned eyeliner and tongue colored blush. ( do you stop this crazy thing)???

Of course, I love a good challenge, too, and Naturals by Lauren Hutton, thankfully comes with a simple step by step instruction book. If most of what she was suggesting needed fixing, wasn't yet broke, might I actually be ahead of the game???

In a word... yes!!! Is it time to ditch the rest of my stash??? Hardly. But it least it will fit in my handbag, next time I fly. You know what that stale cabin air can do to a girls face...


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  1. Love Lauren Hutton makeup products. This new Naturals Face Disc is absolutely something that I am going to purchase. I have the Lauren Hutton Face Disc currently, and I never leave the house without it.. it's awesome!

    Check out the rest of her products at



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