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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lullabye and Goodnight

One of my fondest, early memories, is literally, hopping in my crib, after being bathed and tucked into fresh pajamas, with a warm bottle. (O.K., I was 3 and loathe to give up my crib to my forthcoming sibling). In those days, parents were much less milestone mindful and it amused my parents endlesssly, that they may have had the only child on the planet, who joyfully, tucked themselves into bed each night.

Recapping my week, ff you think for one second, that women aren't shopping again, lemme tell ya, it ain't fact, they are pow-WAH shopping. September is not yet over and I am one pooped Personal Shopper. A little pampering was definitely in order!

I tend to shower in the morning, only because it wakes me up. I was very tired and with an early morning meeting on Saturday, decided to shower at night and use my new Glowology Heavenly Body Wash and Lovely Body Lotion, by Noodle & Boo. Both were were formulated for sensitive skin, are hypoallergenic and are not tested on animals.

Noodle & Boo, was developed by Christine Burger, to meet the needs of her own young sons sensitive skin, (can you wager a guess what their nicknames are)??? These lovely, natural, delicately scented products, gently nourish and replenish the skin. No wonder the original line expanded...Mom's everywhere were snagging it for themselves and rediscovering their own baby soft skin, in the process.

I hopped into bed, feeling happy and relaxed, nearly transporting back to the womb, as I settled into my fresh bed. I think I may even make a habit of this whole new routine. I am even considering adding warm milk--- I promise, you too, can sleep like a baby, even without the Amaretto...


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