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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Queen For A Day

A pixie must have sprinkled fairy dust on me the other night as I's the only explanation for yesterday's magic karma...

On the way into the the tents for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, to meet Linda and Peter Levy, the inimitable Bill Cunningham of the N.Y. Times, snapped my picture, (though quite possibly, he was more interested in my ruffled handbag). Either way, if the shot makes it into his Sunday video, I will retire, having reached the pinnacle of my career.
Onward, to the lovely Brian Reyes show, where every look was as fresh and earthy as the Natural Geographic photos that inspired the collection. Afterwards, we went up to the American Express Skybox, where some Platinum and Gold Card members, smartly took advantage of their Premium Access Program and enjoyed the show in style and had the chance to purchase, some choice selections from the Spring collection.
No surprise, that I honed in on a beautifully boned, sea blue, v-neck sheath dress. With some pixie dust and Spanx, it fit like a glove!!! Australian style icon Kate Nobelius, was on board to interview Brian about the collection for the press and photographers. Kate asked if she could "impose" on me to model... well---if I had to...!!! I would love to get my hands on that loop, so one day, it can be embedded on my tombstone.

The last stop of the day, was a visit to reknown fashion stylist Robert Verdi's Luxe Laboratory for a "Fashion Week Retreat". There, in collaboration with the CVS/Reinventing Beauty team, they created a sleek and chic beauty lounge. Fellow Beauty Bloggers had a chance to relax, enjoy a light lunch, Tweet and preview CVS's latest offerings from Essence of Beauty Fragrances, Garnier, Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Mission Skincare and many others.

The cherry on my day, was spending a delightful 20 minutes chatting, with "the" Christophe of Beverly Hills, while he suggested products for my hair type and luxuriously, freshened my blow out. I can't wait to try them and report back.
Last up, was a makeup touch up session with celebrity artist Jake Bailey, who was in town to do Katie Perry's makeup at the VMA Awards. Jake used Cover Girl products exclusively and succeeded, (where I had failed on my own), to find Simply Ageless foundation and blush shades, that matched my complexion perfectly. Jake told me the secret is to go, "darker than you would imagine, using a lighter hand and always applied with a brush". I finally understand the definition of "flawless finish". Divine.
Back to the real world, at home, with an evening Board Meeting breaking up at 9:30. I overheard two of my friends and fellow Board members commenting on how fresh I looked after a long day...and they should only know!!!
Here's wishing you a little pixie dust too...


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