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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yes, it CAN

One of the lovely perks, of dedicated Beauty Blogging, is receiving products and press kits, from various P.R. team's. I have my own moral code about reviewing and it is three pronged; 1) If I buy it, anything goes, 2) If I didn't buy it, but am participating in a program that requires feedback, anything goes and 3) If I didn't buy it, but want to try it and hate it, I am not telling...If I love it, you will be the first to know.

Graham Webb's, Advanced Therapy Treatment, from his Silk Repair Collection, falls into the latter...My hair, if such a thing was possible, is glowing and I can't keep my hands off of it.

I was surprised to see it was a product on Proctor & Gamble's beauty roster, since I never heard of Graham Webb. I did a little Internet research, and found out, this extensive British hair care line was acquired by P&G in 2003. After reading about his extraordinary career, succeeding, despite suffering from child to adulthood with undiagnosed Spina Bifida, how could I not, bring him to your attention?

Graham Webb products are used at many high end salons, but the products are available to purchase, through various Internet sites that specialize in hair care. The Advanced Therapy Treatment, can be purchased, for a nominal amount, as an add on at hair salons, or for at home use.

I am a huge proponent of deep conditioning. Everything that follows, blow drying, styling and color, can only be improved, if you resign yourself, to deep conditioning 2-4x a month. Besides all of that, shiny hair is youthful looking hair. What I am always trying to outwit, is having to apply product, post shampoo, waiting naked, for it to activate for a chilly 20+ minutes, (while sitting on the seat down, toilette), reading a dog eared magazine... This is my idea of beauty hell. Instead, what I usually do, is, (fully clothed), spritz my hair with water, microwave deep conditioner for 20 seconds, apply it and than wait 20+ minutes, reading a dog eared magazine. I then shampoo, skip additional conditioner and hopefully, pneumonia. It's far from perfect, but it works.

At last, I have something waaaaay better, that saved time and produced fantastic results, right in my warm shower. Advanced Therapy Treatment, is a two part formula, that opens easily and mixes right into your palms, after shampooing. The activation period, is a mere 3-5 minutes, so I was able to perform my shaving tour of duty, while the silk proteins and keratin amino acids, did their magic. I could tell my the way my hair felt as I rinsed it, that something good just happened and it did!!!

Graham Webb's personal mantra is, "It CAN be done". His success in business, as a motivational speaker and a loving Father of four children, is certainly a testament to that---In terms of getting manageable, silky hair, without freezing your arse off???...that too, CAN be done and I am sold!



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