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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tightening Our Belts

We are just about to officially pass the 100th day mark, of the new administrations ministrations. It seems pretty clear, that we are pretty smitten, with our fit and fashionable First Lady. The rest of the planet has also taken notice and it is a welcome distraction, from praying for signs of recovery daily.

After enduring 16 years, of bottom heavy, jewel toned, pantsuits, our eyes are now firmly focused above the waist on Michelle's cardigans, biceps and belts. Michelle's figure, defies anatomical reality, (see Divadebbi, Pears and Squares March 2008). Despite being very short torsoed, Michelle tops everything with an (often too wide) belt, that sometimes settles on her upper rib cage. Against all odds, it works! I am also grateful for her reinvention of the cardigan. I too, wear them over all my sheath dresses, extending the length of functional calendar time I can wear them. They look less fussy and are more comfortable, than the dozen or more blazers, (I have no idea what to do about), that I will haul into summer hibernation, for another season. The "new" cardigan is shorter, shaped and is often adorned with ruffles or tulle. It is perfect for the office or an overly air conditioned restaurant, it dresses up jeans and a tank top, and is perfect for travel. Of course, it also looks great belted.

Yup, the President has huge shoes to fill, (they look like a 41 Jimmy Choo to me). Michelle, single handed, is resolving fashion woes, worldwide. What would become of us, if everyone invested in a set of 5lb. dumbells too? A nation of fit and fashionable women...and another notch, on Michelle's belt.



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