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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Second Time Around

I have Blogged about my affection for Sunday morning Infomercials before, ( I'll Have What She's Having...Maybe, 5/28/08). While we are on the subject, does anyone have any feedback on the AbRocket, they would like to share???

Long before the mineral make up craze became mainstream, I found myself mesmerized by Leeza Gibbons. Leeza, was artfully brushing the imperfections, off every passerby in the Mall of America. Acne scarred youths, rosacea laden proboscis' and 30 year old liver spots, on 60 year old cheeks, magically disappeared, with a dip and a swirl of Sheer Cover. Skillfully, memorizing the 800 number, I ordered my, risk free trial

My package arrived promptly, with product, tools, an instruction manual and a DVD, on how to get started...Geez---it didn't look like it was all that complicated, (did they think I was going to attempt an at home face lift)? I followed the directions to the letter and bravely faced the world, the next morning, in a tight, flax colored, Kabuki mask. "Yes, she looks flawless", morticians must muse to themselves... and so did I. "Please accept the return of my order. I'll have someone get back to you, in a couple of decades", I scrawled on the top of the box.

Fast forward several years, when I find myself, as usual, at CVS, and notice their, 24.7 Anti-Aging Mineral Makeup Get Started Face Kit. Anything, promising a, "96% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles", has my undivided attention.

The kit contains two shades of foundation, (to blend for a custom match), Radiant Bronzer and Illuminating Blush, the Essential All-Over Face Brush for basic application and a smaller Essential Correcting Brush, for areas that need extra help.

24.7 Minerals contain a proprietary GABA complex, that nourishes and hydrates. In addition to daily, instant improvement in tone and imperfections, 24.7, promises to improve skin, with continued use. I think makeup, that does double duty, beauty and treatment, is a fabulous, under utilized concept.

Now for the good news---though using loose powder is a tad messy, application is, virtually, fool proof! (I could apply this seamlessly, in a coal mine). The Radiant Bronzer, brought my face a dewy, glow. the Illuminating Blush, is actually more of a highlighter, but also served to take my blush down a notch, making it appear more natural. It is completely weightless, so there is no sense of adding layers of makeup to your skin and it lasted, up until the point that I was ready for bed. I am pretty certain, I am a convert.

Can't you just see me, dipping and swirling my brushes through the Westchester Mall? It's not your imagination, I am wondering if you have a minute to improve your appearance...24.7 Mineral Makeup definitely will help you look better today and if we are lucky, in 365 too.


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