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Sunday, March 15, 2009


After my recent near bout with Alopecia, trying to remove L'Oreals Double Extend Mascara, (See Wooly Willy, 2/3/09), I resisted the urge to pick up Maybelline's new, Lash Stilletto Ultimate Length, mascara, during my return swing to CVS. Loved the packaging, black and red, sleek and glossy, with a mascara wand, replacing a long tapered stilletto heel. I don't know why on earth it appeals to me, but the idea of a Vitamin B-5 enriched, "patent leather shine" sounded new and sexy. Was I ready for another potential assault on my lashes with a stilletto??? No.

A few days later, one of my TotalBeauty Blogging buddies, posted about the opportunity to sample Lash Stilletto, via an L.A. Marketing company...any takers??? O.K. sisters, I am no angel, send one pronto, (if you need any additional information, Social Security number, Passport, let me know). This type of coincidence is my little slice of beauty heaven.

Rushing to meet my old NYC roommate Lori, to celebrate her Birthday with friends at Avra, I am on the train and realize, I forgot to put on mascara. Please consider, that the odds of this happening, are the same as my forgetting to put on panties, but happened. I am now in the awkward position of having to do a PDG...Public Display of Grooming. I shudder, remembering my commuter days, where I saw people publicly, using nail clippers, nose hair trimmers and once, an electric razor, on the train. Am I now, going to be that type of person??? You betcha.

I happened to have my Lash Stilletto, still packaged, in my handbag. I delicately sever the paper and plastic packaging like a neurosurgeon, forgetting that it is a freebie. At this point in my PDG, I could have opened it with my bi-cuspids...I have no decorum or dignity...One oddity I must remark on---did you ever notice, that if you apply mascara, seated with a hand mirror, you will perfectly coat, every lash, from root to tip? Why isn't this standard operating procedure for mascara application???...but I digress.

I like the square, "tube" and I open it with an open mind. Yup, that's one long, thin pointy wand, usually not my favorite. The instructions remind you not to let the mascara dry between coats, so I am working feverishly, to the relief of my seat mate. Result??? Fantastic! Super long, deeply black, shiny, (in a good way) and tidy, (also in a good way, because there was no way, I was stooping to Q-Tip patrol on Metro North).

Lash Stilletto lasted all day, through lunch, a nap and a party, without a touch up or a flake...Last stop, was taking it all off. Gently, I applied my best eye make up remover, prepared for duel with my cotton ball...Not this time!!! It came off as easily as it came on.

In the battle of the "lengthening mascaras", Lash Stilletto, is pointedly, the winner. When it runs out, will I buy it on my own dime???
You betcha.


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