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Monday, March 23, 2009

That's Amore

You can call me shallow, (I have certainly been called worse), but I don't think that is the core of the situation. Granted, with the financial meltdown, I have spent less time socializing, (is anyone going out anymore)? and more time tethered to the television. Lately, my taste in print media, is mirroring my T.V. viewing, high brow to low brow, N.Y. Times with my morning coffee, to my nightly romp with the Post. I wait, like a faithful golden retriever, for my husband to walk through the door and toss me the nightly edition, as if it were a T-bone. Pounce!!!

What has become of me??? The Post announced last week, that the "Real Housewives" franchise, was heading south, down the Jersey Turnpike...real life Carmela Soprano's!!! Oh, joy!!! The fact that this is the highlight of my week, has me a bit concerned, but nevertheless, I am over the moon. Dutifully, I cut out the article, like a prized sample sale listing, to share with my Gal Pal's. But why???

As much as I love the N.Y. Housewives and can relate more to their fashion passion, love of the Hampton's, a great party, a good restaurant, the value of education and well tended home, on a gut level, I will understand the Mob wives too. As Kay Corleone concedes in the Godfather, "It's that Sicilian thing, that goes back 2000 years". Kay knows, she will always be an outsider and at his core, Michael's love for "a familia" will always come first.

My maternal side is of Italian heritage, via Naples and Sicily. Though there are similarities between Jews and Italian's (love of food, family, celebrations and their, "sons"), something still hums along in the atmosphere, that other Italian's can sniff out like a truffle hound. Yes, it's a lotta...A lotta hair, nails, makeup, heels, jewelry, food, wine, sass, love, laughs, feuds and fun. But, it is also more subtle and kindred---a long knowing look, (tramp)!, a certain hand gesture, (when is that stunod gonna move)?, no need for a spoken word...

So, no matter what crops on on Tuesday, May 15th, count me out...I already have a previous family commitment.



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