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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nightly Rituals

What is your nightly ritual? We all have them. I liked being lulled to sleep by the T.V. I alternate between stimulating my brain, watching the deliciously entertaining Charlie Rose, or anesthetizing it with the deliciously entertaining, Patty Stanger, of the Millionaire Matchmaker. Either way, I am happy.

Throughout a day filled with the application and removal of dozens of products on my person, the last thing that gets applied each night, has been hanging around nightstands for the last 117 years, Smith's Rosebud Salve.

Formulated in 1892, by druggist George C. Smith, Smith's Rosebud Salve, continues to operate as a family owned enterprise, to this day. Known for its ability to soothe chapped skin, lips, baby bottoms, cuticles and blemishes, it is in fact, an "old fashioned", modern miracle.

I am a Focus Group's, dream candidate, for what inexpensive, non-essential items, should be boobie trapped, around the check out aisle, for impulse purchases. I could cruise the Mediterranean, some summer, if I refrained from buying packs of Kleenex, mini bottles of Purell, breath mints and eyeglass repair kits, on my way out of CVS. Don't getting me started on the damage done on the waiting line at Sephora, but alas, this is how I found, my cherished Rosebud Salve.

How could I possibly resist its adorable retro packaging? This is the stuff of legends and for under 6 bucks, a bargain to boot. It was love at first swipe!!! Delicately scented, lighter in consistency than Vaseline or Elizabeth's Arden's 8 Hour Cream , my lips, in a few short days, were pouty and full in the morning. Was it my imagination, or was that teeny, tiny vertical line, on my left upper lip, gone???

I am usually a quicker study, but I recently noticed a little more crinkling under my eyes. I think, I may have erred, when I ignored the warning on my Reversital Microdermabrasion stick, to "avoid the under eye area". ("Like the Bubonic Plague")---That at least, I would have paid attention to...Yes, indeed, those aluminum oxide crystals, were a tad aggressive for the delicate under eye area. And thus, a watershed beauty moment...why not, try a thin layer of Rosbud Salve, under my eyes???

Results??? Truly, amazing, and just a teeny, tiny uptick in my nightly regiment, that is well worth it...At this point, I am thankful that Queen Helene's Cold Cream, is still only sold in tubs---otherwise that too, might find its way onto my nightstand.


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