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Monday, May 26, 2008

Grumpy in Greenwich

My friend Linda, who I have known for 25 years, whose career as a Personal Shopper I jump started, dealt me a crushing blow the other day...Linda's husband and I worked our first retail jobs together. He is now a highly placed executive in Fashion Event Marketing. As a result, Linda has entree to some fabulous events, and she is always generous in sharing unique experiences with her friends. Linda broke it to me straight up, mano y mano...she was only able to get two tickets to the "Sex and the City" premiere and I was out . "Really"???, I whined. "Really", she confirmed.

Apparently, tickets are so tight to the premiere at Radio City, that well known extras in the film were getting shut out. (But I'm still not going)??? Linda did the honorable thing, and is taking our other pal, who had the foresight to beat me to it and asked first. All right, I get it, but I am cranky about it, let me assure you.

I pulled myself together enough to give the nod of approval to the fab outfit she is wearing...of course she is dressing up, who wouldn't? Her outfit has got all the star elements: Shoes; ankle strapped Gucci's a la Carrie, top and flutter skirt; Samantha's saucy, sexiness, color; pure Miranda cobalt blue, pedigree; Charlotte in a wisp of WASP via Mr. Lauren. Me? Grasshopper green, with envy.

So girls, have a fabulous time, suck down a few Cosmo's in the limo for me. Take notes if necessary, pictures, whenever possible. I want all the dirt.

And Lin, just for the record...I have dibs on tickets for S.A.T.C. II.


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