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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heads Up on the Heads Up

Of course I had to see S.A.T.C. last night. I never completely trust the soundbite reviews, that accompany most TV and print ads for movies... Bold type, overly hyped, glowing praise authored by someone reporting for the Picayune Gazette in Hopewell Junction, Iowa, in type so small you need a monocle to decipher. I started reading the NY Time's review in the morning. I sensed both a kill joy and and spoil plot review, so I abandoned it mid sentence.

I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you it was funny, poignant, and not entirely predictable. The stars, girls and clothes were stellar. I am glad they did this in real time, not pretending that the gap of time between the series end and the film didn't exist. The girls are grown up women and they mostly wear it well. Cynthia Nixon, looks never better, and has the most sophisticated of the wardrobes. Carrie's outfits facilitate as usual, between dressed up fab and dressed up mad. Samantha still looks like she has a boner for Thierry Mugler, circa 1986, with her bright hued, steeply shoulder padded suits. Charlotte is all post, post Deb Park Avenue primness, in rotating whistle clean sheath dresses. I loved it all.

The only misstep, is in Marketing 101. SJP chose to make this an R rated film, with some needless, graphic sex. We all know that the preteen set was watching it behind closed doors when it was on HBO. The diluted repeats live on, on network television, for viewing by girls still in their single digits. This movie will be a box office bonanza, but if they notched it down to a PG 13, CW 11 Gossip Girl's version (some of which seem pretty, pretty racy to me), they could have had it all...the men, the Manolo's the martinis and even more money.

Girl Mom's, take heed.


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