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Friday, May 23, 2008

Thelma and Louise, Too

Life works in wonderfully mystical ways sometimes...Got to spend the day in the City yesterday with our buyers. It is May and I am literally wearing a wool coat and gloves, yet here we are selecting Pre Spring 2009. I LOVE to do's all so incredibly glam, gleaming showrooms, delicious tid bits to munch on, Amazonian models with size 12 shoulders and size 2 hips, slipping on our requests, seeing what is not one but two seasons down the pike (dove grey, blush pink, bark brown and rosie reds). It never fails, that all the designers end up in lock step with the same palette, even if their inspirations come from different places. This is one of the perks of my job and nothing puts me in a better mood.

In a whirl of cosmic timing and location, I was close enough to go see one of my dearest friends from college's uptown art show. Just two months before, we had dinner in N.Y., with another friend who coordinated our mini reunion. Bonni was always a bit of tomboy at heart, with the energy of an 8 year old boy...absolutely nothing as changed, except that she has found herself as an artist. How thrilling it is, that guests not only liked her work, but purchased it! Too my delight and surprise, The Bonz, actually has, talent. Our other pal was already there to support her, which was also great ...Then, to my complete shock, my college roommate, who I haven't seen in close to 25 years walked in. Completely unchanged, in body and spirit. I am convinced I channeled her...(and if this is the case, I will start next on old boyfriends).

Just three nights before at dinner with a friend and her daughter in Florida, I recounted our spring break Thelma and Louise story. Are these moments in life really coincidental?... I think not. (My sister Loren and I have dozens of hair raising tales from our youth, that we have periodically shocked our mother with...we parcel them out, so has not to induce medical emergencies). On our road trip, we did something incredibly stupid and reckless. There were only two possible outcomes to escaping 'Louise's" grandmother's Century Village condo with a stranger, my "Cousin Freddie" ... Kidnapping, rape and being ditched and left for dead roadside or the freedom to come and go, in a comfortable house, with a pool and car at our disposal. Fortunately, it turned out to be the latter...(Aren't you glad I skipped this one Mom)? Can one be both stupid and lucky? 'Louise' always had a bit of a joyful, wild side, which of course attracted me to her, since by nature, I am more cautious. I can't wait to see her again...

So here's to dear friends, old adventures and new ones to find and share. Happy Summer! (I feel like we are getting an extra week, unless of course Labor Day is in August).



  1. Dd - I rally enjoy your insights so much, that I wanted to invite you to become a muse for Womenkind. We're a marketing communication firm that creates messages for women, by women. We have a panel of "muses" savvy, accomplished women that help us look into the future and spot trends. You'd be perfect...and maybe a few of your readers, too. I'd like to invite you to go to

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    Thanks, and keep up the entertainment!


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  3. Kristi,
    I am so glad you are enjoying my Dd blog. Congrats on launching your own agency for women, Womenkind. I would love to be "muse".!
    Just submitted my stuff. Hope to hear from you soon.




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