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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shopping...The Eighth Deadly Sin

Today was lovely. Went to the city with my darling friend I., (sadly severed out of my Dd picture), to see a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit, in the Village. Too bad it left town 11 days ago. Fortunately, their was an interesting exhibit of some good abstract expressionist work from the 50's and 60's in it's place. We had lots of time to catch up and gossip driving in and over lunch. With my husbands regrets to hers, I. will be test driving a "dimwit" tonight...I've already been cheating and putting mine up the second my husbands head hits the pillow. So far, my bags have not yet been packed on the doorstep, as promised.

Next stop was to my darling colorist Christopher. Erika, his assistant, greeted me with a kiss and hug. She was quite happy to have been mentioned in my March blog, "Color Me Beautiful". Chris made my day by showing me that he has added me to his "favorites" on his I phone. I am arriving! Thrills! I love the opportunity to do some mindless magazine reading, and devour three, while the timer is ticking. Self is reporting their 2008 Beauty winners, so naturally, I am taking notes. 35 winners are under $25.00 and I feel myself getting the CVS itch...Am I capable of not scratching?

Ummm...Olay's Microsculpting Night Creme, Loreal's Skin Genesis Serum, Nutrisse Garnier Lifting Glow Daily Moisturizer, John Frieda's Overnight Hair Mask. Am I no longer capable of staying on task, triple size cotton balls, Degree Little Black Dress approved deodorant and tooth paste??? One of the things my Blog has made me cognisant of, is that I am a bit whacked. All this "stuff" is so ingrained, that until I started writing it down, I never realized how compulsive and obsessed, I truly am with beauty and fashion. No regrets, just stone cold fact...So, could I do it??? A uniquely, utilitarian visit to CVS? I visited, I trolled, I pondered, but ultimately and virtuously, I only purchased the three things, I needed, (was the manager really weeping, or did I imagine it)? Wow, I felt positively prideful. An addicts first taste of victorious abstinence...Will it last?

I doubt it...the BCBG dress I bought on Ebay greeted upon my arrival home. Looking fab!!! What a score!!! And thank goodness, there open for business, 24-7.


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