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Monday, January 23, 2017

TotalBeauty's 11 Highest Rated Anti-Aging Products

TotalBeauty  is a site I browse daily.  I like there editors and their articles. When they do a round-up, the stats are derived by tallying the product ratings, submitted by devoted readers. That's a win.

There was no way I was passing up what readers rated their 11 best anti-aging products.  Naturally, there were some pricey picks in the mix.  And naturally, I perused them all, hoping to find some beauty bargains.

I found three, two great serums and the Olay product above, that acts as both a moisturizer and primer and it came in at #2.  Yup. For $25.99, I will run out to buy it.

Do take a look at the total TotalBeauty Link to see all of their highest rated anti-aging products.  At least if your splurging, you can do so with confidence.


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  1. Great sharing. will check it out.



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