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Sunday, January 29, 2017

DivaDebbi's 2017 SAG Awards Red Carpet Report Card

Oh my.  I can honestly say I have never seen so many awful looking dresses at one time, for any given awards show. My snark meter was in overdrive, as I viewed the arrivals.  I realized there would be no DivaDebbi Flips and Flops, just Flops.

Soooooo disappointed.  I am always rooting for gorgeous, even more so now, as I look for inspiration in buying for our store Mary Jane Denzer.  As such, I am only going to list the one look that looked both chic and fresh and keep the dozen plus, misses to myself.

Trends? Velvet, bare breasts visible under lace, white, pink, matte dark lips and minimal jewelry.

Evan Rachel Wood
in Altazurra

After the last 7 days, I don't have the heart for even a whiff of snark...maybe it's time to abandon it altogether.

Peace out Lovelies...


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