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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gearing Up For The 2017 Golden Globes...

Jimmy Fallon
Host of the 2017 Golden Globe Awards
8 pm on NBC

I am so looking forward to tonight's 2017 Golden Globes and of course the Red Carpet spectacle.  Longtime DivaDebbi readers know I always follow up the GG's, Oscar's and Emmy's with a, "report card of my loves and loathes" on the Red Carpet, (and nicely, my Lovelies look forward to reading them :)

I think the GG's are the most fun to watch of the three; firstly, it combines film and television, so it's one big lovefest among the stars and it's nice to see them relaxed, drinking and eating with friends and cast mates.  How terrific is it, that the sour Ricky Gervais got the boot and is being replaced by the hilarious, Jimmy Fallon??? I predict he'll be a huge success and will encore next year.

I will be watching the Red Carpet with an even keener eye this year.  As the new Co-Owner of Mary Jane Denzer in White Plains,  my partner Anastasia Cucinella and I will continue to buy exquisite evening wear, from the best designers the world over.

Since the stars, particularly the nominees, have access to the best stylists and designers, it's always fun to see who got it right and who, often perennially, will end up on my F List.  Repeat offenders include Sarah Paulson, Christina Hendricks, Heidi Klum and in contention for her 30th Golden Globe Award, the remarkable Meryl Streep, who lives a mere 20 miles from MJD.

Dreams to come true...mine is Meryl.  I get that fashion is not everyone's priority. It doesn't have to be hers. It is mine. Why not, in the spirit of the great Dame Helen Mirren be equally lauded for your talent and style???

The Oscar's are coming...February 26th, to be exact.  I'm here for you. I will select. I will schlep.  I will travel. I will deliver.  Call me! 914-328-0331.

So Lovelies, tune in tomorrow for my full DivaDebbi 2017 Golden Globes Report Card, and do chime in with your own loves and loathes...


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