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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Grey Gardens and Mom

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Grey Gardens by divadebbi 

Sea New York off the shoulder dress, $465 / Grey shoes, $690 / Brunello Cucinelli leather handbag / Leather jewelry / Linda Farrow sunglasses, $410 / 

I wonder if you have missed my Polyvore creations?!  Polyvore, is an interesting place. Fashionistas, like moi, from all over the world, create our little slice of paradise in our personal fashion sets and post them on Polyvore, as well as our blogs, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I have been a member for over 4 years and was fairly addicted to the process and the camaraderie for a long time.  At best, it always kept my eye very fresh, particularly since I would get to see what my European counterparts were swooning for...and let's face it, they just have a 6 month jump on U.S. trends.

I was pleased to be awoken from my Polyvore slumber, by my oft sited inspiration, Stacey Bewkes' incredible Lifestyle blog, Quintessence.

The photograph above, was taken at Grey Gardens in East Hampton.
The estate was infamously owned by Big Edie Beale, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis eccentric aunt, who lived in it with her daughter Little Edie for decades, despite dirt, decay and disrepair.  It was sold and lovingly restored by Sallie Quinn and the late Ben Bradlee. Stacey's friend Liz Lange, rented it last summer, allowing for a rare glimpse of Grey Gardens as it exists now.

Immediately after reading her post, I "clipped" this image and created a fashion set around it. Merci Stacey!

I have been a bit less prolific of late as I have had to deal with 3 family health crisis, one that ended with my mother Joan Lieberman's unanticipated passing, one month ago tomorrow.

I do intend to write a memorial post about the most special and important woman in my life. She was not a Diva, more Grand Dame. Beautiful, loving, determined, strong, a good listener, wry, a fabulous cook, gardener, painter and more.  I know the words will come...

Mom enjoyed my blog DivaDebbi immensely and we both were delighted that I finally found a medium in Polyvore, that allowed me to create a form of art that a brush, pencil or crayon always eluded.

So please bear with me a bit, as I try and get the sunshine back in my soul. What I wouldn't give to pick up the phone right now and say, "Hi Mommy"! Those of you who no longer can, know the void I am feeling... Those of you who can, do.

Missing and loving you Momma, more each day...



  1. Sending you my condolences on the passing of your mother and I hope your precious memories help to ease the loss a little. Hugs & comfort from Melbourne, Australia

  2. Thank you Dear Sasa,
    Your sweet condolences are heartfelt and much appreciated.




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