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Thursday, July 28, 2016

H&M Beauty; They knocked it out of the park

H&M Cosmetics
Luxurious packaging; budget friendly

H&M Beauty  Powder Blush $9.99
High Definition Eye Shadow $6,99

I took a field trip on Monday to H&M.  I wanted to see with my own eyes, what so many beauty editors can't stop meowing about...the lovely packaging, the enormous depth of product, the beautiful brushes and the amazing prices. Oh, and they loved the body products too.

There is much to take in. I was most drawn to the eye shadows and blushes. So many beautiful shades to choose from!  I went for a blush that is a dupe of one of my all time faves, Charlotte Tilbury's Cheek to Chic Blush and Chantecaille's Peony Eye Shadow.

I know myself pretty well, If they were duds, I'd have to chalk up my $17 loss to a beauty lark, curiosity satisfied...In fact, I don't even know what their return policy is for cosmetics.
Fortunately, my worries were unfounded. Both products are lovely, particularly the blush, which creates a beautiful, radiant flush, that lasts all day.  The shadow, has a hair more glitter than I usually like, so I used just a dusting on top of my regular shadow, leaving a pretty glow.

Other things that looked very appealing were the nail polishes, lipsticks, bronzers and unequivocally, the brushes, that will be my next purchase, which having seen them, I would be comfortable purchasing online.

All in all a lovely surprise, that lived up to the hype.  If you can, do.


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