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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Frownies Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream; The MIRACLE Worker

Frownies Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream
$39.00 4 oz.

Ok Lovelies, I must apologize for not taking before and after pics for you...Not of my behind, I'm blessed not to have a cellulite problem, but of my arms, because they absolutely do appear firmer and more toned.

I workout almost daily and do lift 12.5 and 15 pound free weights to keep my arms toned and defined.  What was driving me crazy was the patch of skin above the inside of the crook of my elbow, and under my armpits (having just written that sentence, I realize I sound a bit like a madwoman.)

I bet you have heard of Frownies.   The original product, adhesive strips worn at bedtime on the forehead, crows feet and "coin slots" between the eyebrows, were developed by Margaret Kroesen in 1839 and are still sold today!  Pre facelifts and Botox, they were favored by movie stars and other public figures.

I tried them once and I'm not a fan.  My husband already puts up with plenty regarding my beauty antics.  He no even longer comments when I'm ensconced, a la Freddie Krueger, in a face mask, with mere cut out slits, for my eyes, nostrils and lips. Nightly flesh colored anti-aging strips do not add to my allure, even if they do work.

This all natural cream, however, is a miracle worker!

Naturally I want to slather it on from head to toe daily, but cost would be prohibitive.

I thought about taking a picture before I started using it, but two things ran through my mind: 1) it won't work anyway, 2) If it does, I don't want to have to play catch up with the other arm.

Within a week, the skin on my inner arm looked transformed!  WowZa!  I emailed my contact Alex at to thank her and ask if the amazing results I was achieving would reverse if I stopped using Frownies Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream.

Sadly, it would.  I also asked if it came in a larger size :), it doesn't.  The good news is you need very little product.  It's very emollient and a pea size amount will cover your arm from shoulder to elbow crease.

I wish I had snapped those before pics, but all I can do is show you how they look now, 10 days after using Frownies Aroma Cellulite Cream twice daily:

My outer arms; the definition is from pilates and free weights

My inner arm, however now appears much firmer

So, what does it contain?  A blip from their website:

FROWNIES' Aroma Therapy, Cellulite Cream

Legs, hips, under arms build cellulite and skin becomes loose with age. Frownies' Aroma Therapy Cellulite Cream combines 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils,with natural caffeine and plankton. This silky, nourishing body cream helps improve the appearance of hips,thighs,belly and underarms.
Help the cellulite dimples in your skin look more smooth with continual use. *Results may vary from individual to individual.

Whether or not it works on cellulite, I cannot attest to, but firmer skin I can.  If any of you Lovelies do buy it and try it, I would love to hear back from you about your results. Caffeine has been used for awhile in firming creams. Plankton was not on my radar.  I will now be researching it like it's my job.

In the meanwhile, I am very pleased with my results and will just have to budget to include it my beauty repertoire, for the rest of my life...



  1. Debbie, thank you for recommending this wonderful product! Used it for the first time today and the skin on my inner arms looks 90% better!!! Got it for a great price on Ariva's site. Love your blog and the honest assessments of products. For recommending Frownies Aroma Therapy Cream, I'll love you forever. It's the only product that actually makes a difference in crepey underside arm skin.

  2. Hi Anon!
    So happy you like it as much as I do! Thanks for your kind words. I'm not sure what Ariva is but I will Google it now. I'm going to need a new tube in a week or two. I'm using it twice a day on my upper neck is next :)




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