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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Diva Wore 3/3/15

Dior "Tribal" earrings, VS& You headband (stretched by my seamstress to wear as a collar), Giorgio Armani Maryjanes, Victoria Beckham LBD

Tuesday, was the second year Richards hosted a fashion show exclusively devoted to handbags and shoes. The models boogied down the runway which was partially scrimmed, so all the audience can see is the handbags and shoes.

Anya Hindmach Tote with available to purchase separate "sticky" attached

The purpose of the event, was to kickoff the "Old Bags Luncheon", an annual event hosted by the Greenwich Y, to support Domestic Abuse.  Funds are raised by the generosity of donors and by auctioning both new and used handbags. It is a stellar, quintessential, Ladies who Lunch, luncheon and is already sold out with a long waiting list. Chaired this year by Alease Fisher and her stellar committee, I won't be a bit surprised if they break all previous records.

I chose to wear my newest LBD, a perfectly cut sheath, with a sleeve. by Victoria Beckham.  IMO, it is nearly impossible to put a sleeve on a dress and not have it lose its je ne sais quoi.  It's a mean feat, but VB does it better than anyone, because the fit is still long, lean and body conscious.
Let's face it, who really needs one more LBD???

The Little Black Dress, is truly one of fashion's greatest cheats. I own many, at a dizzying array of prices points. Still, I can tell you that one of my absolute faves is a Dolce and Gabbana  copy, that cost $79 at Zara.   There is something completely luxe and satisfying about owning a really good one, so if you are going to invest, look for a LBD like this Victoria Beckham, that you can wear for at least 3 seasons, dress up or down and can wear to a luncheon, cocktail party or a funeral.

Money in the bank via amortization, I promise.

The fox collar I am wearing, was converted  from a headband into a collar, by having my genius seamstress Sylvia, loosen and stretch the stitching.  Voila!  Who needs warm ears anyway? So much more useful this way and I suppose, if I was in a tundra, I could always slip it up on my head.

The Dior, "Tribal" earring has been having a fashion moment.  At this point, it has been copied everywhere, so if you like the look, hop on board now. Their 15 minutes are nearly over, and you can find them for a song, on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay.

As for the Maryjane's, the harbor back to my youth.  There is something sweetly, soothing and feminine about them and the pretty last ads charm, without bulk or anything to cut the leg visually. I'm a sucker for them and a good D'Orsay shoe, every time.

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