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Friday, March 20, 2015

Emma Stone- A Fashion A Lister, Risk Taker and Modern Style Icon

Emma Stone in Dolce and Gabanna
(BTW, WTF was the design duo thinking, recently denigrating surrogacy and in vitro fertilization???)

There are a few young Hollywood stars who consistently get it right on the Red Carpet; to wit, Emma Stone, Emmy Rossum, Taylor Swift and Shaliene Woodley.  One of the great things about not being aligned contractually with one fashion house, (like Jennifer Lawrence and Dior), is the opportunity to explore a variety of looks.

What I adore about all of these women's style, is that they appear effortlessly, confident in their own skin. Largely, I think because  they have an innate sense of their own best looks, they will not be dissuaded to wear clothes that don't resonate with them for the sake of trend.

I'm also a sucker for ladylike and I'm impressed that they all exhibit restraint, at a time when showing exuberant amounts of skin is becoming a norm. What a lovely example they are setting for the tweens and teens growing up watching Miley twerk.


Today StyleList tweeted a round up of some of Emma's greatest turns on the Red Carpet, (click here) to view all 19.  There are a few misses for me, but overall, I love her versatility, willingness to experiment with makeup and hair and joie de vivre.

Isn't she lovely???


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