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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Gift of Social Media Friendshps

For dear @divadebbi

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Sometimes, I'm just amazed at how my world has been enriched by the Internet and social media.  Yes, at times, I too tsk tsk about how much of our time is spent gazing into our palms when we could and should be more present in the moment.

That being said, I have also made scores of new friends and rekindled old friendships via Polyvore, Twitter, Facebook and more recently Instagram. 

My very talented friend Vera created this Polyvore set to celebrate my blogs 7th anniversary and so nicely, to honor my style.  I am deeply touched. (You can see more of her fabulous sets here.  The lovely "Emavera", as she is known, as over 55,000 followers!).

Maybe the goal should be to balance it all a bit better...remaining "unplugged" in the presence of friends, colleagues and family, yet still recognizing magical connections can and do happen in cyberspace.

I'll work on about you?


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