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Friday, February 27, 2015

What Diva Wore 2-27-15

DivaDebbi  wearing a Victoria Beckham skirt, Zara Top, Vince Camuto boots.
I reinvigorated and old fox collar by having my seamstress Sylvia attach a
grosgrain ribbon to it, so I could wear it tied around my neck, Chic and toasty!

Many of my readers know, that besides being beauty obsessed, professionally, I am a Personal Shopper.  I absolutely adore my job.  In the early years of my career, I was an executive who helped run the Personal Shopping divisions of some well known stores.  My love, however, was always the clothes and the clients; never the administration.  I'm so incredibly blessed to have so many loyal clients who of course are also now friends.  I have helped them through all the major occasions of theirs and their children's lives and hope to continue doing so for many more years.

Friends tell me they would also like to see more fashion in my blog, so some days I will share what I wore on a given day.  Like most American women, I am perfectly happy to mix special pieces (nee expensive), with cheap and cheerful finds.  I hope I can help you train your eye and familiarize you with brands that consistently deliver fashion and quality at affordable price points.

The fashion world interprets at the speed of light these days; there is no longer a 6 mos. lag between the runway and retail, and in some cases, retail is even a season ahead.  Take for the example the knit top with faux blouse I am wearing above.  I purchased this at Zara this January.  Below is a very similar knit from Paula Ka a small french brand, from their Fall 2015 collection.  It will arrive in stores in October:

What came first here? The chicken or the egg?  You tell me...

On another note, I am a fan of Harper's Baazar magazine.  the art direction and content, overall, are terrific.  The one monthly feature that does not resonate with me, is the one where they show suggested fashion for women by decade.  There isn't an issue where I can't find something equally fabulous, suggested for a 20 year old or a 70 year old, that I wouldn't wear or covet. The concept just seems dated to me. (How many times can they feature Lee Radziwill for goodness sake.)

To me, the things that should impact fashion choices as we age, are craggy knees and crepey arms. (I have a small coterie of trusted friends who I've ordained to tell me when to give up my beloved sheath dresses.) When the time finally comes that they are best left under wraps, there are still plenty of ways too look stunning and youthful. Fashion should truly be ageless.

I hope you will enjoy these peeks into my closet.  Feel free to comment or ask fashion questions anytime.


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