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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

IT Cosmetics Tightliner-10-in-1-dual-ended-brush

IT Cosmetics Tightliner-10-in-1-dual-ended-brush
$24 at Ulta Stores

I know good tools can truly make a difference in makeup application.  I'm always covetous of makeup artists tools and brushes; and the fact that they are fresh and fluffy, unlike my trove.

If I had to choose between eyeliner and mascara, I choose the liner every time. I've probably read a  few hundred tutorials on how to achieve the perfect "cat eye" with liner.  Obviously, success eludes.

I decided to try  IT Cosmetics Tightliner-10-in-1-dual-ended-brush with the hopes of making lining more fool proof. I'm still getting the hang of it and have not yet mastered how best to use the flutter end of the brush.  If you are one who prefers a very thin line, be apprised that this thicker brush yields bold results.

Still I'm encouraged. It's essentially fool proof and my eyes look bigger as a result of the precision lining I can now achieve.  I didn't purchase their accompanying gel eyeliner, since I have a pot full of Bobbi Brown and L'Oreal liners sitting in my drawer.

Naturally,  I'm now curious if IT's is gel liner might be better. I'm flexing my very best control muscle not to run back to purchase it. What does the "10 in 1" stand for?  Tightliner comes with instructions on 10 different looks that you can create with it. Frankly, there is not a lot of difference between them, which suits me fine since I'm just fine with the one I mastered.

If lining is a big deal for you, or a difficult one, then IT Cosmetics Tightliner-10-in-1-dual-ended-brush, is worth the splurge. 

Perfection, after all, is priceless...

xox,     P.S.  Now that I've gotten the hang of this brush, I will never be without it. A winner :)

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