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Friday, February 6, 2015

Flash Back Friday: Pur Wine Exfoliating Mask

Pur Wine Exfoliating Mask

Snow days do come in handy...I definitely have the tendency to procrastinate about tackling time consuming, boring chores, but once in mode, I'm a woman possessed.  Monday was the perfect day to tackle purging, cleaning and organizing both my linen closet/beauty goodie closet and vanity top and bottom.

Two letters sum it up...OY.

I always look for a silver lining, and I found it when I rediscovered Pur's Amazing Wine Exfoliating Mask.  As long as I was going to be down the beauty rabbit hole for a few hours, I figured I might as well multi task.

I applied this delicious mask and got busy... Just like the first time, I couldn't resist taking a tiny taste, yup, yummy.  I was sitting on my bathroom floor, sorting and scrubbing, so the image of me as Lucy Ricardo stomping grapes in a wine vat in Italy, was only in my head instead of the mirror.

Suffice to say, a LONG time later, I got up and decided it was best to finally rinse this mask off.  Though temporary, I looked awash in a flush of good color, but the thing that did stick around was an incredible glow and baby soft skin,  from the peach pit exfoliant.

Oh, this is a lovely product and at $29, is not a bank breaking splurge, (though it could be if you become tempted to use it in the shower like I did.)

Here's a link to the original post.  I think I love it more now than the first time I used it, so if you have a little time, do let it ferment a bit.

Pur Wine Exfoliating Mask is a goodie.  Do consider treating yourself to it a jug jar.



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