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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Physician's Formula Youth Wear Spotless Concealer

Physician's Formula Youth Wear Spotless Concealer
Drugstore's Nationwide, Ulta 

I'm always grateful when cosmetics products multi-task...Wouldn't it be great if all cosmetics went beyond beauty that gets scrubbed off at the end of the day and actually helped improve our skin?  Friends with benefits, so to speak...

I was doing a CVS run last week and spotted Physician's Formula's "Spotless", a concealer that claims to improve the appearance of, "dark, age and sun spots instantly and over time.


Physician's Formula Spotless Concealer only comes in one shade; light/medium. I guess that means a wholelotta people will be off the grid here, but the shade works well enough for me. It has a very watery consistency, yet surprisingly, it covers and wears extremely well.  Oh. And it smells awful!!!  My best stab at a description would be chalky mold.

Here's the good news, I like how it looks under my eyes.  It smooths and brightens nicely, (though does not replace concealer), instantly covers dark spots and even better, after just 5 days of use, they are already visibly lightened!


Here are the dets:

Reduce The Appearance of Spots 67%*
  • Look up to 10 years younger instantly*
  • Instant spotless coverage
  • Broad spectrum sunscreen
  • Spot application roller
  • 12 Hour wear
Say Goodbye to Spots!
Powerful, brightening cosmeceutical ingredients help improve the appearance of dark sports, age spots, and sun spots instantly and over time.  Formulated with Spotless Technology, clinically proven to erase the look of up to 20 years of natural skin darkening.  Broad spectrum SPF 15 protects skin and helps to prevent new spots and discoloration from developing.
Proven Visible Results**
100% Saw brighter and more even skin instantly.
90% Saw less visible sun damage in 2 weeks.
100% Saw significantly lighter dark spots in 3 weeks and less dark spots overall in 4 weeks.
100% Saw less fine lines and deep wrinkles in 3 weeks.
Hypoallergenic.  Paraben free.  Gluten free.  Dermatologist approved.  Non-comedogenic.  Clinically tested.

I will definitely continue using it and I'm delighted that I stumbled on it...O.K., you might be flexing your gag reflex a bit, but if you are even a tiny bit as results oriented as I am, you will muddle through.

And you are welcome...


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