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Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Wizard is in: Beautiful Skin CAN Be Yours

MPXE Elite Laser-
An incredible multi-tasker that builds collagen,

 zaps spider veins, broken capillaries and age spots
The New York Times recently ran in article in their Thursday Skin Deep column about the trend towards going back to home grown skincare, reminiscent of the kinds of stuff our grandmother's used to use, (

No thanks...I like my skincare regimens to be cutting edge with a bit of zhush to increase its efficacy like retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid etc...

I recently invited a group of my friends for an evening of information about the latest in non-invasive beauty at The New York Group for Plastic Surgery, ( Non-invasive beauty is not the arena for bargain hunting, IMO.

We had the opportunity to tour the newly opened Spa Nouvelle at their Tarrytown N.Y. office.  Spa Nouvelle offers the latest in laser, microdermabrasion and chemical peels with Ashlea Hoess, a passionate expert, certified in Advanced Aesthetics on staff, to guide you towards attaining youthful beautiful skin.

I think it's the perfect adjunct to the fabulous work they are already doing with other minimally invasive treatments like Botox, Restalyne, Sculptra and non-invasive treatments like Ultherapy.

In addition to anti-aging techniques, Ashlea is also an expert at improving and treating tone, firmness, visible capillaries, melasma, rosacea and stage l-lV acne patients.

On a separate visit, when Ashlea told me that she could zap the pesky broken capillaries around my nose and they would be gone instantly I was ecstatic. She did and they were.  Spectacular!!!
Ashlea also performed a "Cinderella" laser facial on me.  This treatment is often used on stars on the same day as their Red Carpet appearances.

It takes about 20 minutes, is not painful and instantly plumps and rejuvenates the face. I bumped into my facialist at the Equinox later that day and Danielle literally did a double take...too bad I was only going to Pilates class.

The Cinderella laser facial uses thermal heat to stimulate collagen production of the dermal layer. It is best done in a series of 3, 3 weeks apart, to maximize long term collagen building benefits. ($375 each).  
Ashlea perfoming a "Cinderella Laser Facial" on me

On another day, I treated  the sun spots and broken capillaries on my chest and decollete.  I had previously done a head to toe treatment years ago with an older type of laser.  It left me looking like I should be living on a leper colony.  The lesions were dark eggplant and did not fall off for close to a month!!!

Post laser treatment Day 2.  The spots are darker
temporarily, but nothing like what I had experienced previously 

Post Treatment at 12 Days

I am thrilled with the results!  Now here is some really good news: You can be treated for sun spots and broken capillaries (that are instantly removed) in reasonably priced sessions; $100 for 10 minutes of laser time.  Trust me, Ashlea is a whiz and can accomplish plenty in a short time.

As always, DivaDebbi patients get a 15% percent discount off their first treatment at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery.

To schedule a consultation or appointment with Ashlea Hoess please call 914-366-6139.  Their office is conveniently located and easy to access, so NYC, CT and NJ readers, don't be put off.

Yes, it takes a village these days, but I'll take all that's offered instead of this anytime:


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