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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beautiful Foundation- How to Choose?

Diva and the one and only Ty Barnes
Sephora, Greenwich Ct.

Well for starters, with the help of an expert.  The best foundations are getting pricey and making a mistake is not the same as blowing it at the drugstore. It takes a bit of leg work...

A few weeks ago I was with my dear friend actress Alison Wachtler, who was in NYC for some auditions.  We had a leisurely Birthday lunch at Bloomindales in White Plains and both bee lined for the Space NK Cosmetics Boutique.  

Alison Wachtler Braunstein

Space NK is chock full of delicious high end skincare, and a few choice cosmetic lines with By Terry featured front and center.  I picked up one of their gorgeous hyaluronic based lipsticks in Grand Cru. It drenches the lips with moisture, but imparts a lot of pigment. Truly lovely.

I also sampled Terrybly Densiless, their new serum foundation and took some home to try. It is absolutely luscious.

Densiless is not just a foundation, but skincare as well, designed to target,"wrinkles and density with immediate and long term benefits, on the surface as well as deep down. Evens out skin tone and facial contours are firmer, adding youthful radiance to an ultra natural finish".

I haven't used it long enough to speak to the facial toning, but I can attest to the luminous finish of this smoothing powder foundation. I was beginning to think I couldn't possibly live without Densiless, as my generous sample dwindled.

I stopped in to purchase it and for once, asked the price first.  Jade Creamer, one of the knowledgeable consultants who has helped me before, swallowed hard and 'fessed up, "$110".

Ouch!  Really???  Ugggh!!! 

Nearly twice as much as I had dared imagine...and they can barely keep it in stock. Generously, she offered me a fresh sample and nicely, invited my to meet Eric Baez, By Terry's National Makeup Artist, who will be visiting on December 13th (please call 914-684-6453 for an appointment.) 

We will see if Eric has his way with me...

In the interim, I stopped into Sephora in Greenwich to pick up something for my annual book club Holiday dinner gift swap and saw Ty Barnes, my favorite consultant and makeup artist.  Talk about warmth and skill!  Ty is a total joy, a font of knowledge and a true artist.

I had 10 minutes to spare before a Holiday Party and asked him for a quick touch up.  To my delight, Sephora is now carrying Giorgio Armani Beauty, and I asked Ty to test out their award winning Luminous Silk foundation ($60) and Fluid Sheer Illuminator ($59).


Ty did a gorgeous job of applying both products, which he loves using on his clients and sent me packing with plenty of product samples and instructions, (see above)  If you are lucky enough to live in the Greenwich area or are interested in hiring Ty for event work, please contact him here.
In the meanwhile, I'm taking my time deciding and I'm glad that I have two experts to help coach me along.  
There are many beauty areas where you can cheat, foundation is not one of them.

Is there something wonderful you are using that I should know about?  I'm all ears...



  1. That's some expensive foundation! Guerlain was my most expensive foundation purchase and it sits in my drawer, I feel like I have to save it for special occasions for some reason.

  2. It his indeed Lily, hence my hesitation. The Armani Luminous Silk is pretty delicious with the fluid sheer as a highlighter, but between the two, Im right back to where I started, + some!
    Makeup does not do well sitting on the shelf, so you might as well enjoy your Guerlain splurge and look gorgeous everyday.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours!




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